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“I would like to say thanks to your movers that assisted me with my stuffs for making the move worry free. The extra care for my things that they showed me was great. They didn't leave anything unattended and always kept an eye on my stuff. They were very good and communicate well with us, gave us all the details, and help us hand in hand while attentively listening to what we asked. Thank you very much Metropolitan Movers Montreal and for having the best service. I would recommend you to my family, friends and to others who will move.”

“Customer Service, I like that you kept in contact throughout my move. You followed up and called me several time to see if I needed anything. This customer service technique was perfect. Your customer service made me feel that my needs were being met. The movers were early, when they got to my house they didn't waste time and unload all my stuff to the truck and made sure everything is safe. When the move was done, I checked my stuff and there's no scratch. Your staff is friendly and your service is the best! Thank you so much Metropolitan Movers Montreal! Until my next move, for sure we will hire you!”

“The 4 movers arrived precisely on time, the head mover walked thru each room with me to survey the move. While 2 workers began to move what they could, the other two began wrapping and protecting my breakables. I was amazed at the speed and efficiency with which they operated. No idle time, no loafing at all. Very professional and courteous movers. What really impressed me was that this was a very hot day, with oppressive humidity, yet they completed the move in far less time than I had estimated. I was very, very pleased and impressed. I was charged fairly for materials such as boxes and tape. The day prior to the move, I was contacted by a rep to confirm the date, time and payment options. I definitely recommend Metropolitan Movers Montreal!”

Metropolitan Movers Montreal

Whether you’re single, married or has a big family, finding and moving in to your perfect dream house can be difficult and stressful. It is important also to determine what house you can afford, the location, what things to bring or not to bring. It is then of utmost need to find a professional moving company for your moving in Montreal and Metropolitan Movers Montreal is the perfect choice for you.

We at Metropolitan Movers Montreal have the most organized, hard working and friendliest crew in the world. Any moving orders you give them, they can do it fast and efficiently. They have the gentlest hands you can image so don’t worry if your precious things might be broken or scratched for they will be able to pack, assemble, disassemble, load and unload safely your stuffs in the truck with care. We have customized cartons especially for paintings, mirrors, tea sets or vases. With all of these, you can fully trust and depend on them always. Metropolitan Movers Montreal has been in the business for 6 years, so they are well experienced and equipped in moving & storage services. We continues to develop and improve for better moving experiences. Be assured that we a licensed professional moving company in Montreal. What’s great about Montreal Movers is that we offer wide range of services such as discounts when you book early, promos for packaging services to local and long distance moving. We are always committed to maintaining a superior level of quality service to our customers.

So if you’re looking for the best Montreal moving company for your perfect home, Metropolitan Movers Montreal has all the solutions for you.

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