7 Moving Hacks and Shortcuts: Tips For A Simpler Move.

7 Moving Hacks and Shortcuts: Tips For A Simpler Move.

Author: Valerie

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

Moving is stressful, consistently ranked along with events like a marriage, a serious illness, or having a child as being one of the more demanding things you can put yourself through. After all, even if you’re just moving across the city, you’re still uprooting your life in a big way. Mentally, it’s tough and we haven’t even gotten to the physical part of it. All that packing, lifting, and moving are overwhelming on the body.

If you’re planning a move this year in Canada, there are ways to make things a little easier on your mind and body. As expert movers ourselves, we know all the tricks of the trade and have more than a few tips to offer. Before you set out on your move – before you even pack your first box – take a quick read through these 7 moving hacks. They’re shortcuts that will help you unpack and get started on your new life, without sacrificing peace of mind.

De-clutter beforehand

A move is an opportunity to get rid of the things in your life you don’t need to hang onto any longer. De-clutter your home. Is there furniture you’ve been looking to replace? Do you have electronics, charging cables, or random tech you don’t even know what it’s for anymore? There’s no bothering packing anything that’s not going to contribute value to your life, the moment it’s unpacked in your home. Anything you can donate, do so. Items that have no value, give them a toss in the garbage. Free yourself and save yourself the moving space!

Pack an essentials box

We hate to be negative thinkers but in a move, things happen. You want to plan for the worst, being aware of the risks. Let’s say for some reason you can’t unpack everything the first night in your new residence. This is where a box of essentials comes into play. This is a box marked, containing all your must-haves to be comfortable your first day there while you wait to unpack and arrange everything. Using an essentials box, you won’t be left digging for toothpaste, an outfit, or your smartphone charger if things get hung up along the way.

Photograph furniture

Do you have IKEA furniture that needs to be broken down? Any furniture like couches, cribs, computer desks, or anything requiring disassembly should be documented with photos. It can be a struggle putting things back together and at the end of a long day, you don’t want to be struggling to get a bed or dresser set up. Take pictures and make notes of what goes where. Label pieces, if you think it necessary. You may also take this approach with home theater electronics and other complicated arrangements of gear, equipment, items, and materials in the home.

Towels and blankets

We all have breakables. Instead of buying a ton of bubble wrap, you shouldn’t have to. Simply use your towels and blankets in place. This will save on packing and padding material and protects valuables well. There are all sorts of moving hacks and shortcuts you can apply in packing breakables as well, such as using paper plates to protect glass plates or using egg cartons to keep jewelry safe. Things like folded socks and even crumpled newspaper or magazines can also serve as protection for valuables. Ensure any boxes with breakables are clearly marked to avoid mistakes.

Free boxes!

People moving will buy boxes from a Staples or similar retailer, or use boxes provided by a moving company, only because it’s easy and they don’t need to think about it. If you can afford the cost, go for it! If you want to save and as a shortcut to spend, you can generally pick up different sized boxes from local clothing stores, grocery stores, and similar retailers. There’s always boxes being tossed out on a daily basis, just gathering space. Don’t hesitate to stop in at some of these places and pick up a few boxes for yourself. Just know that they aren’t always built steady so you may need to be picky with what you send yourself home with!

Hire a Moving Company

First-time movers find out the hard way the value a moving company brings. Packing all your items in boxes, packing them in a truck, moving them in potentially multiple trips to your new residence, unpacking the boxes, and then, unpacking everything that’s in them – it’s A LOT! Doing it on your own may seem like you’re saving money but you’re wasting a ton of time and effort, increasing stress on you and likely making it a logistics nightmare trying to coordinate everything with no support. A mover simplifies things so much, well worth a hire! Before hiring a moving company, just be sure to check the reviews online to make sure they’re trusted and reliable.

Take your time unpacking

After you have the boxes in your home and moving services are out of there, take it slow. Your move’s not quite done but the hard stuff is. Now you get to enjoy arranging your new home. If you have kids, you may want to unpack their boxes first ensuring they feel at ease. If it’s just adults, you can take your time. Make it easy on yourself. You may want to unpack your mattress however you don’t need much more in the first few days. Don’t cook for the first day at least. Order some takeout or visit a local restaurant. Go slow with your unpacking. For this reason, ensure when you schedule your move, you give yourself a few days to relax and take it with ease.

These shortcuts and moving hacks create less stress and anxiety, providing you some options on how you prefer to have your move. The best way to move is with as much support as is possible. Saddling up with quality, trusted movers helps a ton and is well recommended. Be thoughtful in how you plan your day and how you plan the move in general. With a little bit of planning, support from a moving company, and prioritizing keeping things low-stress, you shouldn’t have any trouble having a successful move!