Back to School Moving Tips

Whether you are starting college for the first time or are a returning student, it is important that you take care of as many things as possible in advance of the school’s actual move in date. Back to school moving doesn’t have to be terrible. In fact, with a few good moving tips and the help of professional residence movers, the process should go smoothly.

Your Tips for Packing When Moving to a Dorm Room 

If you ask dorm room movers what they wish that every new and returning student knew about university moving they would probably have a fairly long list of things to avoid doing. Some of their moving tips might include:

  • Don’t bring every single thing from your wardrobe.
  • Knick-knacks are cute but add to the overall cost of your move.
  • Read through your dorm’s rules before packing certain items. There is no sense in paying for something to be moved if you are not allowed to have it in the first place.

Whether you are hiring residence movers to take your stuff from your parents’ home to the university or from one dorm to an off-campus residence near the university you want to make sure that you are only bringing the things that you need and the things you are allowed to have. University moving may involve a lot of soul searching as you decide whether 12 blankets are really necessary and therefore worth the cost of moving them.

More Moving Tips for Trouble-free Back to School Moving 

Depending on the contract that you sign, you may be able to save a lot of money if you don’t have the dorm room movers do the packing for you. Anything that you pack and have boxed up already will cut the time that the movers will be spending. Make sure that you are using cushions and durable boxes and label everything clearly. University moving is a great time to learn the fine art of minimizing and making the most of available space. For instance, you can use clothing to wrap your breakable items which means you can fit more in a single box. Glass perfume bottles and fragile makeup as well as electronics can be wrapped in tee shirts, sweat pants and other items. It is better for the environment and saves you time and money in the process.

How to Get the Most Accurate Estimate for Your Move 

University moving estimates should include the cost of the move itself as well as packing and unpacking and any other services that the dorm room movers provide. If you are planning to have everything packed and ready to go, this should be discussed during the estimate. Make sure that you know how much you will be bringing with you- companies may charge by the hour or by weight. If you are charged by the hour, the more things that you have done before the movers arrive, the lower the cost will be. If you are charged by weight, you can save money by limiting the actual items that you are bringing with you.

Make sure that you ask any questions that you might have for the residence movers at the time of the estimate. Write down questions as you think of them and don’t be afraid to consult people who have been through back to school moving before. Don’t worry about looking foolish because most dorm room movers are aware that you are young and inexperienced.

Sharing the Truck with Other Students 

Back to school moving doesn’t have to be overly expensive. In addition to saving money by doing much of the work for yourself, you can save more by sharing the truck with other students. If you choose a centralized location and have the dorm room movers pick up everything, then several students can split the cost of their move. To be sure that this is completely allowed make sure that the residence movers are aware that this is the arrangement preferably during the estimate period.

If the final destination is not the same dorm or residence hall, the students who are going to the farther dorm should pay slightly more than the students in the nearer one. All of the students should be able to come to a reasonable agreement before any contracts are signed or moving dates set.

The Sooner You Book, the More You Save 

Residence movers get super busy really close to the universities’ move in dates so prices may go up in response to sheer demand. The earlier you schedule your dorm room movers, the more you will save. In fact, you may be able to take advantage of sales and special booking offers if you set your date earlier in the season.

Booking Elevators to Ensure Availability 

Universities have a routine for their move ins. These routines have been honed after years and years of trial and error. As the universities grow, the routines have had to change to adapt to that many new students. One of the things about moving to your new dorm room you may struggle with will be the elevators. Many universities allow scheduling for a set time block so that you are able to know you will be able to move your belongings without having to stand around and wait. If you are paying your residence movers by the hour, every second in front of packed and busy elevators is money flying away from you.

Find a Company That Knows University Moving 

If you work with a company that knows university moving, you will get the best service without struggle. Residence movers who offer moving services near all of the major universities are the right ones for your move because they are experienced and know about the various schools and the routines for move in day.

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