Business Deliveries: Why A Moving Company Is A Great Delivery Fit For Independent Businesses

For most small to mid-size stores, dealing with the logistics of delivering their products can be a daunting task. The fact is, most independent and small businesses would rather be left to do what they do best, without having to worry about or spending a ton of money on delivering their products to the customer. Whether it’s furniture or an appliance store, the company benefits when the employees are focused on working with the product and customers. But expanding your services to include delivery can elevate your business and help it grow and become more than just a local store. That’s why as a business owner or manager it is important to reach that balance: get the extra income and benefit of offering delivery services to your client, without going into the minus on delivery logistics spending.

For most business owners, a third party delivery service can alleviate the stress, time and extra spending required to set up your own delivery service.

What are the benefits of having a separate company handle your deliveries? What to look for in a business delivery company? How much can you expect to pay to deliver your products or equipment? Read on, and we will try to answer these and other questions related to deliveries for businesses in today’s post.

Why having a delivery service is better for your business

If you’re a small business owner, regardless of what you sell, you can benefit greatly from having your products delivered to your customers. Not only will this bring in more revenue, it will also open your store to a whole new sector of customers that otherwise may not have had access to your products.

But a big problem and reason why stores don’t offer delivery services are often that setting up a delivery department involves significant spending on trucks, hardware, and additional staff that may require special training.

Hiring a company to handle your business deliveries can alleviate a lot of that spending required to set up a delivery department within your company: the delivery service will provide their own vehicles and equipment, as well as track and deal with the logistics and communicating with the customer.  They will also take care of providing you with paperwork to keep track of all the outgoing deliveries.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a business delivery service is it allows your employees to focus directly on their work and not have to spend time going out or organizing deliveries to clients.

Another benefit of a customized business delivery service is that it doesn’t have to work around the time your store is open. You’ll notice big box stores often have delivery times only during store hours and will generally deliver furniture or appliances within 3-5 business days. Having a specialized company deal with your business deliveries can help ensure whatever you’re sending gets there at customers’ convenience and often significantly faster when compared to big store delivery departments.

Finally, a good delivery company will work as an extension of your business when it comes to customer service and interactions with clients. Delivery service employees are trained not only in handling, assembly or installation. They are also courteous, and respectful when it comes to dealing with customers at the destination so that your business doesn’t have to look bad. 

Why a moving company may be a perfect solution for your delivery needs

If you are looking for a delivery solution for your business, you’ll notice that many moving companies cross over and do business in the delivery sector. This is because moving companies are already well equipped for this kind of work: they have the knowledgeable staff, hardware, and vehicles to move bigger items like furniture, home electronics, or appliances. If you are a business owner who sells smaller sized items you may consider courier services for your deliveries.

But if you are selling large-sized home items that may already travel during a regular residential move, you should consider picking a local moving company to handle your deliveries. Movers already come with knowledge and capabilities to assemble furniture or hook up appliances, an additional service you can provide to satisfy your clients. Moving companies also pay more attention to efficiency and ensuring that the items arrive on time than logistics companies. As part of the services they offer, business movers already pick up and deliver new furniture and appliances when companies move into a new office. And because customer care is already a big factor in moving, you can rest assured that your deliveries will match the high level of customer service you provide in store.

Business Delivery Services Costs

The whole point of going with a business delivery service is that it can help you expand your client base without drowning you in additional expenses. Delivery services for businesses usually work at a pre-negotiated rate. If you are looking for a delivery company to work with your business, be sure to explain exactly what it is you need to be moved, how often, and what points of customer service and product knowledge the delivery company must be familiar with before working with your business. This will help negotiate a fair price that will allow both your business and the delivery company to benefit from performing the service

What to look for in a furniture or appliance delivery company

As we already said, moving companies often make for great residential and business delivery services. Because there isn’t a single regulating body for either, you can use some of the same tips you would use looking for a moving company to find a business delivery service.

Check out this Global News video to avoid getting scammed by moving companies:

One of the biggest mistakes businesses and homeowners in Canada make is not taking the time to check out or do research on the prospective moving or delivery company. Here are some absolute must-haves for the companies you consider:

  • Make sure the company meets the criteria under the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers. The guidelines are the closest thing to an official document in Canada that governs how a moving business should operate.
  • Is the company registered with the provincial Workers Compensation Board? This is almost a standard for any trades or labourers in Canada today. Being in good standing with the WCB means the company’s employees are covered and protected while working at your home. Many fly by night companies will not go the length to register their business with the WCB.
  • Does the company offer Replacement Value Protection, and for how much? The RVP often adds to the cost of the delivery but offers much higher reimbursement on the item if something goes wrong during the transit. Even if you don’t opt-in for the Replacement Value Protection it’s a good sign if a company offers this option.
  • Does the moving company subcontract any of its services? Because you will be contracting your delivery services to them, you want to make sure they are not simply passing off the work to someone else who may or may not care about your business and products.

One of the biggest problems with delivery companies in Canada is the efficiency and timeliness with which they deliver a businesses’ good. It may seem a bit counterintuitive because the whole point of hiring an outside delivery service for business is to alleviate the backlog.

When checking out prospective delivery services make sure to see if the companies have a history of not meeting timelines or promised delivery dates. Any company will take the job of delivering the products, but the best ones have a proven track record of professionalism and punctuality.

Bottom line is, if you are still able to make profits after factoring in the added spending on delivery, you should consider expanding your business to include the delivery option for clients. Whether it is setting up your own delivery service, or outsourcing deliveries to a different company, giving your clients the option to have their products delivered can do wonders for your business and take it to new heights.

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