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"Metropolitan Movers are simple AWESOME. I cannot believe they were able to finish my move in just 4 hours. Nothing was broken and they kept their promise of no hidden cost. I'm definitely moving again with them."

Sull Cranston, Brock

"The guys from Metropolitan Movers were awesome! They were able to get the job done fast, they charge little and we're very friendly. They made my move very easy for me! Kudos to the entire team!"

Ace Volk, Brock

"I expected a very stressful moving day because of how far we are moving and how much stuff was added to our house since we moved in. I am glad that I got Metropolitan Movers. The guys were just great! They move fast, they are efficient and would go to lengths to ease your moving-related stress. I was even surprised at how much I paid for my move as it was way below what I expected. Very much recommended!"

Aries Kenny, Brock

"Moving with Metropolitan Movers had been very easy. They are very reassuring during booking. On the day of the move, the movers did a good job. Nothing was broken and it was finished in no time. I will surely recommend theses guys!"

Jake Quinn, Brock

"Moving is very stressful, I know because I move a lot in the past 2 decades or so. But I had the most amazing moving experience with Metropolitan Movers. They simply took away the stress. Booking a crew was easy, even though it was last minute. Movers arrived on time. Job was quickly and efficiently done at very affordable cost! I will definitely be a regular for this guys from now on!"

Armold Kempt, Brock

Metropolitan Movers Brock

A great moving company in Brock to serve you.

Who we are.

In case you never heard of Metropolitan Movers, let us tell you about us. Metropolitan is a Canada-wide moving company with thirty locations across the country. Since we opened, we have served over 20,000 clients, moving people to hundreds of locations throughout Canada and the U.S. We provide moving services to residential, commercial and office clients. We can carry out a move of any size, to any distance. Our dedicated team of movers and customer service representatives works hard to accommodate any client, any moving needs, any budget. We won the 2012 consumer choice award, which testifies to our exceptional track record of customer satisfaction. We have the resources and the versatility of a large corporation while maintaining our dedication to the community, the customer, and their specific needs.

Our success is your satisfaction.

Metropolitan Movers is a company dedicated to providing an exceptional moving experience. Regardless of the size and distance of the move, we make sure that every customer walks away happy. Our company has grown to its present size due to the thousands of happy customers referring us to their colleagues, friends and family. Contacting Metropolitan Movers is one of the best things you can do when planning a move. Our customer service team will help you plan every detail. Our trained, professional moving staff will make sure the plan is carried out, in a way that is timely and convenient to you. We will also make sure that you stay within the constraints of your budget, whatever they may be. As we said before, our goal is your satisfaction.

Make the right choice. Contact us.

The greatest moving experience of your life may be one phone call or e-mail away. You can find all our contact information on our website, www.metropolitanmovers.ca. So don’t wait, and let us do all the work. Let your next moving experience be a Metropolitan Moving experience!

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