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“It was a wonderful day. I would certainly recommend Metropolitan Movers to anybody. And, they made the experience very enjoyable. And, I would certainly recommend them to my friends.”

“Metropolitan Movers did an amazing job of moving us from point A to B., we did it in flat 11 hours, and including the moving of an amazing play structure.”

“Great move, very fast, very efficient. Nice and clean. Thanks a lot guys, great job!”

“We used Metropolitan Movers today and we couldn't be more satisfied. Josh and Alex were over the top. They were friendly, easy to work with and they worked very hard”

Metropolitan Movers Edmonton

A remarkable moving service for a remarkable city. Metropolitan Movers in Edmonton.

Who are we?

Metropolitan Movers is a Canada-wide moving company proud to serve thirty locations. Here in Edmonton, we offer our exceptional customer service, our professional moving team and our honest, reliable approach. Our scale and scope of service, our customer-first approach and our commitment to affordable rates makes us a great moving company. We are the proud recipients of the 2012 Consumer Choice award, and we are delighted to offer our service to any type of move, any size, to any distance.

What makes us different.

We are a company that grows through customer satisfaction. We have the scale and the scope of service of a nation-wide corporation, but we are proud to offer a friendly, customized, customer-first approach. We make sure that every customer is handled in a friendly and professional manner. Here at Metropolitan, we try to make every moving experience exceptional. Not only do we offer timely, convenient and high-quality service, but we also try to make it as affordable as possible. No customer need is unmet, no one walks away unsatisfied. No load is too big or too small, no distance too near or too far. Regardless of whether you are moving a few boxes three blocks away or a piano to Toronto, we will make sure that your move is done in a professional, courteous and otherwise satisfactory way. We will also make sure that our service meets your budget. We have successfully relocated over 20,000 clients to hundreds of locations, all thanks to our exceptional level of customer satisfaction. Let us help you become one more happy, satisfied customer!

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We are operating here in Edmonton to make sure that all your moving needs are met. Whether you are moving across the street or to Toronto, we will make sure that everything goes smoothly, and that your moving experience with us is truly exceptional. So if you have a move ahead of you, contact us, and will make sure you’re happy and satisfied. Contact us today!

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