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"Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke movers arrived to our storage unit right on time. They had everything from a storage unit wrapped in blankets and in their truck within 2 hours. After the drive to our house all items were placed where we wanted and done in less than 2 hours. Total was 4 hours to move all items. Another plus was the fact that they had no problem removing their shoes while moving items in the house since it is brand new with fresh carpet and hardwood flooring. This is what you called moving! Thank you very much Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke"

Logan, Etobicoke

"The office staff was friendly and informative. The moving company sent four very hardworking and polite employees. They padded all the furniture and wrapped all the upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs, etc. with film to keep them clean. They pointed out prior damage. So far, we have not found any damage to our furniture or any scratch to walls. They carefully disassembled and reassembled desks and tables. The men were very pleasant and took direction very well. We got good value and they were very careful. I have moved a dozen times and this was the best move. We are very happy with our move. Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke is the BEST!"

Charlotte, Etobicoke

"My experience with Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke was excellent. Everyone from the sales representative who answered the initial call to the moving guys was great. The movers were extremely efficient, polite and worked very fast .I am very pleased with the service I got from the company, I am so much happy with that. The entire move and reassembly at the new place took only 3 hours and that’s amazing. I would highly recommend them to the people who will move. Please add me on your referral list. I will hire you again on my next move. Thank you very much guys!"

Eric, Etobicoke

Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke

You need to move, and time is running out, what would you do? Would you load the entire house stuff in your car? Risking all the odds of demolishing your car? The most probable thing to do is to look for a reliable local moving company. Being among the most crucial things in one's life, moving & storage services needs to be selected with care. That is the reason why Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke steps in to ensure that you have received the best services.

We are a company that is dedicated to deliver the most reliable moving services in Metropolitan Movers Etobicoke. We help to cut own on the costs of moving, and by also saving you the time. We have many services that are covered in why our talented movers.

Whether you want to move you into a different street, in the same town, or you need to move into a new office space in the new building we will help you accomplish that. You do not need to come to our office to explain to us about your property, so that you can know how much you would pay. Rather, we do send a representative to your location, which is mostly one of our staff. The staff member will then carry out the estimate, and you will be aware of what you would expect to pay. Most of our prices are super friendly.

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