Our team of specialists has developed a unique formula for a successful marketing strategy. We diversify our marketing channels to increase exposure and analyze the effectiveness of each to assure that every single cent works to the fullest.


Multiple award winner and a member of industry recognized associations, Metropolitan Movers prides itself for providing outstanding service with every move.


Our IT team constantly monitors the latest trends of SEO space and implements the best IT solutions to make sure that we stay one click away from the client. The in-house built websites are customized to specific geographic locations and correspond to the latest industry trends.


We share our insight and the experience earned during many years of operations. We make sure that every single unit stands firm on its feet and successfully serves its clients by offering ongoing support and mentorship to every Metropolitan Movers franchise owner.


We encourage you to explore the larger market beyond your territory and bring jobs in from distant locations. Do not worry if you can’t serve these clients, simply push them back to the system and earn money without moving a box.


Our Smart Franchise Fees are designed to secure the lowest moving prices and guarantee a sustainable profit to our franchise owners without compromising the quality.

Why do we love the Moving Industry?

1. Rich pool of opportunities to grow and diversify your own business under the Metropolitan Movers brand;

2. Multiple revenue streams and recession-proof industry.

The industry has no limits for growth. Residential moving accounts for $4.5 billion in revenue annually, representing 16% (5.63m.) of moves within Canada every year. While starting with residential moving services, you have the opportunity to expand to commercial projects, junk removal, deliveries, storage, packing and even manpower. The beauty of the moving industry is in its flexibility. As you grow, you can increase the capacity of your fleet by simply adding another truck and bringing new crew members on board.

The industry is open to be explored. It is filled with small businesses, with no single dominant player and no strict regulations. Metropolitan Movers raises the benchmark of service quality to win trust and loyalty from clients and penetrate the market.

Become a partner of Metropolitan Movers and make your contribution in reinventing the industry.



We provide thorough training to prepare you for your first move. We guide you through the process of setting up the business and coach you during your operations until you are confident to perform by yourself.

Once you become a part of Metropolitan Movers team, we will take you through the two weeks training process, including in-office and on-site practice. We will make sure that you are equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully run your day to day operations and grow independently, ensuring yearly profitability and allowing you to instantly earn money with your franchise.

You will meet specialists from all of our company’s departments and learn best practices from them. Our training is highly interactive, so we can learn more about you while you get to know our culture. Together, we will evaluate your goals and priorities to plan your franchise business performance accordingly.

Whether you need support during the setup process or require assistance throughout your performance, we are here to help: visit our online learning platform, participate in monthly webinars or simply reach out to our team.


  • Thorough 2 weeks training
  • Full support in set-up process
  • Ongoing support from our management team
  • Online learning centre
  • National marketing campaign
  • Unique management tools
  • Proprietary management software CRM
  • Dedicated website and online presence
  • Exclusive and protected marketing territory
  • National account for all your business needs
  • Phone survey of all the clients
  • Full time call centre services
  • Toll free local number


  • Franchise fee
  • Start-up Investments
  • Commitment to the brand
  • Active territory development
  • Provide best customer service
  • Time commitment



Why Choose Us?


Guaranteed Revenue in Year One

The only business opportunity to offer a revenue guarantee. Don’t make it? We give you the franchisee fee back!


Moves Annually

We relocate 10,000+ families and businesses annually. In 2020 we have successfully completed 50,000 moves.


Years In Business

We offer stress-free moving services to our clients since 2010. The experience and customer trust say a lot about our business!

Want to learn more?

Contact Our Franchise Specialist

I became a Canadian franchise owner in the beginning of 2019. It was not a one-day decision, it took me months to find the right business opportunity. What separates Metropolitan Movers from other companies is their commitment to helping franchise owners to grow their OWN profitable business. The team actually sits down with you to understand your goals and build a strategy that would fit your location and your management style. I am thankful...

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What can I say about my experience as a Metropolitan Movers franchisee? Only positive things! The people are amazing, with great minds and big hearts. If you have any franchise questions before buying, like I did, this team’s always happy to address any queries. When it comes to operating this franchise, I feel confident in openly sharing my experience. After all, bringing our experiences, comments, and suggestions to the table is how we grow...

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I joined Metropolitan Movers with no previous experience in business. The training process was well organized and by the end of two weeks, I was fully prepared to start the operations. Metropolitan Movers helped me to overcome many challenges that I faced at the beginning of my performance, and even today, I always have someone to call and ask for advice. Franchising is an excellent business opportunity for those who need extra guidance.

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I started working in the service industry when I was 14. I know firsthand what bad customer service is and how to improve it. The moving industry definitely lacks professional companies and those that provide acceptable service are very expensive. I knew that I could bring something new to the table and chose a Metropolitan Movers franchise company to start my journey. These guys pursue the same ideas and share the same vision as I do –...

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I’ve been together with Metropolitan Movers for more than 3 years now owning a franchise business. It is a very dynamic business with opportunities to grow and diversify. Last year, I had more than doubled my business and I am not planning to stop there. The sky is the limit with this moving service franchise! With all the support and systems in place, I am confident in saying anyone can become a successful entrepreneur. For those willing to...

Testimonial By





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