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“I would like to extend my appreciation to Metropolitan Movers Hamilton who made the move for me. It was an incredible move; the movers did a good job in handling my things very carefully. The lady on the phone assisted me very well in the booking phase and gave me the most comfortable time to have my move. The move was done in about 5 hours including the travel time and stop over and it was really close to the estimate she gave me. I am grateful of the service your company gave me. Once again thank you Metropolitan Movers Hamilton!”

Henry, Hamilton

“Couldn't have done it without Metropolitan Movers Hamilton, they were very fast and organized. The movers were enthusiastic and helpful. Really accommodating, I was not prepared but the moving crew accomplished packing & loading my without a problem. Got everything moved, loaded, packed in a shorter time then I anticipated. Thanks, for moving my heavy furniture and belongings with great care. Thank you very much Metropolitan Movers Hamilton, you are great, most especially to the movers who are very good and very dedicated to their work.”

Thelma, Hmailton

“Money Well Spent, They arrived 10 minutes early for their 9am start time. Not only were they quick and efficient, but they took the time to wrap up all of our furniture and not a single item was damaged during the entire move. The movers were Quick, efficient, courteous, respectful, and professional. Everything were amazing, everything were done properly and great team! Metropolitan Movers Hamilton is amazing! Will be calling them soon to help us move out some old stuff. Thank you guys!”

Amanda, Hamilton

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