How to Pack Clothes for Moving: 9 Simple Tips

How to Pack Clothes for Moving: 9 Simple Tips

Author: Moving Expert

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Now that you’re moving to a new home, you probably have a lot to pack and perhaps you don’t even know where to start. Learn how to pack clothes for moving!

Moving can be a very stressful experience. There are so many checkboxes to tick off going from one place to another. Perhaps the most stressful part is packing your clothes. How is it possible to get everything in your closet and drawers safely to your new home? That is, without getting them wrinkled and dirty while also keeping them organized. Packing your clothes is a daunting task, for sure. Don’t worry, we have 9 easy tips on how to pack clothes for moving that will keep your stress levels down while moving your items to their new space.

  1. Purge What You Don’t Need
    Chances are, it’s been a while since you’ve gone through your clothes. That means, you probably have clothes in your closet you really don’t need. They might be the wrong size, worn out, or out of your current style. Why pack them if you don’t need to keep them?

    Start by going through each clothing item a few months before moving day. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Does it fit?
    • Do you like it?
    • When was the last time you wore it?
    • Are you likely to wear it again?

    By reflecting on each piece, you can decide if the clothing is worth keeping around, donating, or even selling.

  2. Group Your Clothes
    This will help keep your clothes organized during the move and make it easier for you to find what you want later on. It will also help you pack in a way to reduce wrinkles.

    Sort your clothes by these categories:

    • Material: Certain fabrics, like cotton, can easily wrinkle. Try hanging them on a hanger and covering them with a clothing bag on top. Clothes made with wool take up more space. You might need extra boxes for them. Polyester and synthetic clothes don’t crease easily. You can fold them and toss them into any of your moving boxes.
    • Season: This will help you find the clothes you need to unpack right after your move. It will also help you figure out which boxes should go right in the closet and which ones should go into storage.
    • Size: Smaller items (socks, underwear, shorts, etc) can go into a single box. Bigger clothes are best to be packed together as well. However, if you are mixing clothes, it’s a good idea to label the boxes so you know what’s inside.
    • Need: What kind of clothes will you need right away? If you’ll need something comfortable right away, you might want to pack them separately from your formal wear. This way, you find them quicker and easier when you need them.
  3. Don’t Unpack Your Dresser
    If your dresser drawers have lighter clothes in them (socks, underwear, etc), you can keep them in there. Chances are, your moving company will be fine moving your dresser with lightweight clothes inside.

    If your dresser will allow it, you can remove the drawers with heavier clothes in them. This will make the dresser easier to move and you don’t have to worry about packing the clothes separately. Also, when you get to your new place, it’ll be easy to put those clothes right back where they go.

  4. Use Wardrobe Boxes
    Wardrobe boxes are tall and include a hanging rack on the top. This makes packing your already hung items easily. These boxes will keep your clothes clean and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles.

    You’re essentially packing your clothes in their own mini closet. This makes unpacking them a breeze.

  5. Pack Your Suitcases
    There’s no reason to pack your suitcases empty. It’s a great packing tool for your more expensive and delicate items. Your suitcase will provide extra protection cardboard boxes just don’t offer.

    The only drawback is that you may want to use your suitcase to roll heavier items, like books. You may want to consider what items would be best for your luggage.

  6. Use Garbage Bags
    If you don’t have garment bags, garbage bags are a great cheap alternative. Simply create a hole at the top by punching the top of a hanger through. You can cover several hanging items. Tie a knot at the bottom and your clothes will be protected from dirt and wrinkles during the move.
  7. Use Vacuum Sealed Bags
    One of the greatest benefits of vacuum-sealed bags is that they are very efficient. They can hold more clothes than boxes and luggage, and when the air is sucked out, they take up far less space in a moving truck.
  8. Separate Your Shoes
    The best way to keep your clothes clean during a move is by keeping your shoes away from them. If you still have shoeboxes, use them. Before you pack them, make sure they are clean. Don’t forget to pack them in pairs.

    You might want to also pack paper in and around them to keep their shape and safe from scuffing.

  9. Choose What You Will Wear During the Move
    One of the simplest tips is to choose what you will wear before moving day. Have those clothes on hand as well as a “moving day kit.”

    You might need a little time to unpack everything, so it’ll be good to have these things on hand for your first night.

Bonus Tips on How to Pack Clothes for Moving

  • Don’t pack your jewelry with clothing. They could snag, tear your clothes, or break the jewelry.
  • Clean and dry your clothes before packing them.
  • Separate delicate clothes with cloths or paper towels
  • Stack lighter items on heavier items during packing.

Ready, Set, Pack!

Remember these tips when considering how to pack clothes for moving day and the task will be a little less stressful. Looking for more help with your move? Contact us today to get it done in a calm, fast, and organized way!