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“Thank you for taking extra care of our furniture and precious paintings. My in-laws were impressed with the skills and speed shown by your movers in handling our move and I have to agree that everything went very smoothly. Very happy with the move and my in-laws would like to say thank you for a job well done. They can’t express their feelings most especially when they saw their paintings with no damage. I would absolutely recommend your company to anyone who needs to move. Again thank you very much and we will hire you again for another move.”


“Simply perfect, your sales agent was very professional and told us everything there was to know about the move before you booked us. When the movers showed up on our move date they were awesome in every regard. No damages, very helpful, patient and very professional. I really had no problem with them, when I saw them I knew they were good. Metropolitan Movers Kelowna is definitely the best. I can’t thank them enough for such a marvelous job, they worked with passion and I can see how dedicated they are in their work. I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends.”


“They are Experts, Metropolitan Movers Kelowna was referred by the friend of my friend who tried their services. Their expertise was just what we needed. The movers moved the hot tub that I and my roommate had purchased earlier to our home with no damage and were able to hook it up. I had wonderful time having them hired. I have no issue with recommending them for any kind of big yard equipment move. They were courteous and the job was much planned. The move is extremely wonderful, and I want to thank all of you especially the movers, nice job!”


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