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"I did not know I can actually move without stress unitl I found Metropolitan Movers! The crew did my move is a fast but careful way. Price is reasonable and the communication was excellent. Great job!"

Grace Pho, King City

"It was wonderful moving with Metropolitan Movers. It was my first move and was afraid that the horrible moving experiences I read online will happen to me. Thankfully, I hired Metropolitan Movers, they did not charge me anything other than what they said they charge during booking, they even waived the charge for my treadmill. They did a solid move, you can tell because they were not sloppy at handling my things, worked really hard and did not waste any time. So if this is not THE BEST moving service, I don't know what is!"

Anne Kingston, King City

"I was worried about cost when I moved because it was a bit complexed. I thought that either the movers will get it wrong or they will get it right but will charge me an arm, a leg or a kidney. Thankfully, I got these guys from Metropolitan Movers. They were very professional and you can tell they had lots of experience even with complicated moves because they were not fazed about the details I gave them. Items were delivered to the correct addresses, minimal costs and no extra charges! Will surely hired them again. "

Michael Merchant, King City

"These guys were awesome! I hired Metropolitan Movers for my grandma's move and the experience was just great. The movers came on time, worked hard, did not waste time and were even very polite to my elderly grannie. Rates are reasonable and they even gave senior's discount. What a great bunch!"

Sibil Crane, King City

"Metropolian Movers did a great job for me during my recent move. They were able to help me pack and move all in one day, no extra cost, movers were fast and efficient so I did not pay for idle time and best of all my frgile items are intact and with no chips or break! Wonderful job guys!"

Brittany Lowell, King City

Metropolitan Movers King City

Royal moving service for King City!

Who are we?

Metropolitan Movers is a large, nation-wide moving company that is pleased to offer its services to the residents of King City. We offer a large scope of services, moving residential customers as well as offices and other businesses. Not only do we move, we also package, and help with such specialized items as pianos and pool tables. We have helped over 20,000 people move to hundreds of locations, and we will be happy to do the same for you. No matter if you want to move a few boxes down the street or a whole office to Calgary, we can help you. Our team is dedicated to the best in customer service, and our moving crew is friendly and service-oriented. We care about our customers, so we make every effort to provide convenient and affordable service.

Why us?

Metropolitan Movers stands out among other moving companies for a number of reasons. First of all, we are large, experienced and nation-wide. Secondly, we are committed to excellent service like no other mover in Canada. Finally, we try to make our service as affordable as possible, so that we can accommodate every type of client. That is how we won the 2012 Consumer Choice award. This is how we have gained a nation-wide presence, and this is how we keep growing. We are customer-first, with a firm commitment to satisfaction and overall excellence in service.

We are here for you. Contact us!

Our dedicated team of movers and customer-service specialists are there for you, every step of the move. Whether you are calling to find out more about our services, or planning a move, or making payment arrangements, our customer-service team is there to help you. When the day of the move comes, our moving team will make sure that everything goes according to the plan; our office team will coordinate their efforts, so that you are fully satisfied. Your happiness is our success. So if you are planning to move, no matter where, when or what, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you!

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