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Long Distance Movers

Long distance moving is usually even more stressful than local. It gives rise to additional questions that might disturb the peace of mind we would like you to experience during your relocation. To prevent such disturbance, we have prepared tentative answers to most of these questions. Tentative, because we keep our customization approach even over long distances, and as such can change some of these to accommodate your moving needs.

We define a long distance move as one having over 600 kilometres of road separation between the pickup and delivery locations. Beyond this distance, we offer you two options:

  • 1. Trailer. Our crew packs and loads your belongings onto a trailer. The trailer is driven to the destination by a driver from our partner trucking company, where another crew unloads and unpacks your belongings. Depending on the location, the receiving crew may be one of our franchisees or a partnered company.
  • 2. Truck. Our crew packs and loads your belongings onto our truck. The same crew travels with your belongings to the destination to unload and unpack. This option is more expensive, as it involves overnight and meal accommodations for the crew, but provides increased security and peace of mind.

Additional methods of transportation exist, such as via train, however our experience shows that the above options are the safest for your belongins.


  • I highly recommend them!

    The movers were extremely nice and helped me with my very first move with a company. My apartment complex was paving in front of my building causing the movers to have to walk 4 times as far. I never once heard them complain. I highly recommend them!
    - Watson, Vancouver
  • I never thought you do such a great job

    I never thought you do such a great job for an 2 hour notice move, you exceeded my expectations (which is not so easy to do J). Thanks.
    - Jerry, Etobicoke
  • I sent you at least 10 clients all are very satisfied!

    This is the third time Im using your services and I sent you at least 10 clients all are very satisfied! But how about some kind of referral fee for me, I need to move my office soon as well.
    - Harbindar, Brampton
  • Your customer service is great

    Hey Erik, Im glad we finally working with your company on a weekly basis, your customer service is great, you always put the customer in front of everything and always be fair.
    - Robert, J.R. Distribution solutions, Mississauga


Interviewer: OK, so how was your moving day with Metropolitan Movers?

Client: Metropolitan Movers did an amazing job of moving us from point A to B. Uhm, we did it in flat 11 hours um, and including the moving of an amazing play structure. So, it was a spectacular, very professional service. We’d recommend you to anybody, any of our friends. Thank you very much.
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