Master Territory Franchise Opportunities

POPULATION: 8,322.000

DWELLINGS: 3,531,660



immerse yourself into the charm of french canada together with metropolitan movers

“La Belle Province”, as locals call Quebec, is the largest province in Canada and is sold as one Master Territory.

Canadians and thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Quebec to capture the scenic views, enjoy local food and immerse into the North America’s Europe, where the official language is French, the pace of life is relaxed and croissants are always fresh. Quebec city is a UNESCO World Heritage Treasure, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, mountains and forests. The province is rich with natural resources. It has a developed agricultural sector within a highly industrialized and diverse economy. More and more companies are coming back to Quebec after the recession period, attracting a large number of employees and their families to the province. There is much more to what Quebec has to offer, including one of the lowest housing prices in Canada.