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“The most unlikable thing for me - moving. But then I was amazed w/ this moving company!! Our move yesterday was so busy and stressful, but it all went all with the help of Metropolitan Movers New Westminster. I am glad that we chose this company as their movers were so efficient and professional. Everything worked out just so perfect. Thanks!”

“Metropolitan Movers New Westminster are AMAZING! These guys are truly great and were like superheroes! They were strong, hardworking and very nice to work with. Looks so ready to go, and quick. The staff was cool and explained everything to me before the move. I will definitely recommend you guys!”

“They were referred by a friend so I chose this company. The movers arrived 15minutes early and finished the job faster than I expected. I found them to be very professional too and they were enjoying taking care of my things. I have few friends who will be moving soon too and I will surely mention your company to them. Thumbs up guys!”

“Their service is highly recommended! The price was good, fair and reasonable. They were quick and extremely careful with my things and very concern to avoid any damage to my things. I don’t have any regret choosing this company and they will be surely remembered for their good service. Thank you!”

“I've used Metropolitan Movers the other day, my brother-in-law has used them once too & my friend also recommended them to me. I was also impressed when the movers showed up early. They did a great job and I know all other moves were excellent too. I will definitely use them again.”

Metropolitan Movers New Westminster

Are you a Westminster local looking for efficient moving services? Well, you have come to the right place. There are many moving companies out there but some stand out from the rest. You need to be aware about some factors that we posses will easily tell you that we are a moving company that is dedicated and true to its customers.

We have reason to believe that we not only are the biggest but the best moving & storage Services in New Westminster. Metropolitan Movers New Westminster had a special kind of drive that sees to stellar reputation and a long list of satisfied customers. We believe and have passion in what we do and this has seen to our success. Our local moving services see to speedy and on time movement of belongings from one point to another.

We believe in customer satisfaction as it is the root of prosperity and growth. We carefully handle our customers’ belongings with so much respect and care. In our years of service, we have learned all there is to learn about proper handling techniques. To further make this possible, we have implemented a strict rule when it comes to hiring.

All our members of staff have undergone strict procedure before employment that sees to it that our customers are handled as royalty right from the beginning to the end. We strictly follow the instructions given which further sees to customer satisfaction.

Reliability is our middle name as we promise to take full responsibility to anything that goes wrong during the moving process. This is done in order to ensure that our customers remain relaxed and stress free during the moving process.

Metropolitan Movers New Westminster simply is the ideal moving company that will see all your valuables from one place to another in one piece. We have a reliable customer care service that is available to cater to all your inquiries regardless of the situation. We definitely are here for you.

When you’re looking for quality, reliability, efficiency and royalty, think of us; the biggest New Westminster moving company.

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