Metropolitan Movers Goes Global: Our First International Moving Franchise in Germany

Metropolitan Movers Goes Global: Our First International Moving Franchise in Germany

Author: Sergey Litvinov

Reading Time: 5 minutes

When expanding any franchising company, few things come to matter as much as the reputation of the franchisor. For the parent company, having a strong reliable brand creates an opportunity to enter new markets and attract prospective franchisees. For new franchisees seeking to enter the world of business ownership, attaching themselves to a strong brand or company means profit and financial sustainability down the road.

But what makes a franchisor reputable and attractive to protective franchisees? Besides the obvious ability to create a profit for the prospective owners, a reputable franchise usually has longevity and ability to expand as key pillars behind its reputation. And these two often go hand in hand: good businesses strive and succeed over long periods of time, and in the world of franchising success is directly related to expansion and growth.

As Metropolitan Movers grows and continues to be a leader in the Canadian moving industry, it is important for us to consider what the bigger picture can present, and how we as a company become a brand that is recognized globally. Naturally, Europe presented itself as a market that had similar demands when it came to residential and business moving, and also presented further opportunities for growth and more importantly, international expansion of the Metropolitan Movers brand.

Making a national moving franchise international

Regardless of where in the world you are, in the twenty-first century, certain principles of good business hold up universally. This is especially true for businesses that are based and focused on customer service. At the initial point of creating Metropolitan Movers, we saw that customer service was a massive point of disappointment and even anger when it came to moving in Canada. Focusing on this simple yet fundamental practice for good businesses allowed our company to establish itself on the Canadian market in the last decade. Furthermore, we have been recognized for our exceptional customer service with several awards. Along with our strong customer focus, we always look for ways to make the moving process more efficient, standardized, and painless for the customer. Through introducing software systems, feedback-based training for our staff, and support systems that keep customers connected 24/7 our moving company is truly in tune with the time.

This propelled us into further thought: if there is such a strong need for all of this in Canada, there must be other markets where reliable movers are in demand, and the business of moving is in high demand in populated urban centres. While the United States may seem as a natural next step for expansion, the market for moving franchises is very saturated with numerous companies present in large cities across the whole country. The next viable choice was Europe, and more specifically Germany.

Why open a moving franchise in Germany?

Our first franchise opened in Cologne in 2018 and will serve as a foundation for expansion across all of Germany in the next decade. The German market was appealing to us because there is a fairly large urban population that is present in concentrated areas, with a moderate to high demand for moving services. It is also a country where service-based businesses do well. Because of these factors, Germany was a good choice to enter both a new country and European market as a whole.

About “Einfach Umzug”

Started in 2018, Einfach Umzug translated as “Easy Moving” has already completed over a dozen moves around Cologne and surrounding areas. Just like with Metropolitan Movers, our German franchise is proud to offer the same focus on customer service along with the high standard of offered services at affordable prices to our clients in Germany.

Today the company offers residential moves, business relocation, packing, delivery, and storage solutions to assist with parts or the entire move, depending on the unique needs of each client. As the reputation of the company grows we look to expand our services across all of Germany and use that as a springboard to enter other countries in the European Union and grow our brand globally.

Becoming an internationally recognized brand is important for Metropolitan Movers because we believe our model of running a moving business can be applied universally as it is based greatly on exceptional customer service. Our constant desire to innovate and improve means we are always in line with the current technologies and best practices when it comes to ensuring a safe and efficient move for our clients.

For our potential franchisees that means they are buying into a business that is not only profitable but one that is interested in growing and creating an even bigger presence globally, ultimately resulting in higher value and profit returns for the whole company.