Moving Cost Calculation: Find Out How Much Your Home Move Will Cost You?

Before you break out the boxes and tape, you need to consider the cost of moving a house. There are a lot of little budget breakers that can quickly add up if you are not prepared. By sitting down and estimating your moving costs, you can eliminate any last minute surprises. This will help you get a more accurate moving cost calculation to make for a smoother move. The more details you have planned out, the less stress you will feel on the big day.

How Do You Get a Moving Quote?

In most big cities, there are a variety of local movers available for hire. Today, it is pretty easy to get a quote for your move. Most companies have a number that customers can call to get a moving quote. There may also be other companies who have an online form for the potential customers to complete. With quotes over the phone and online, you need to remember that these are just estimates. Without seeing the house and all your belongings, there is no way to have a definitive quote from your local movers. You will need to set up an in-home estimate. If you are looking for the best deal, the key is to get several quotes from different companies. You can compare the cost and see which one will fit your needs and budget. This is all important when you are figuring out your overall moving cost calculation.

Before making a phone call to your local movers, it is important to gather all relevant information. You do not want to be searching for answers when trying to get a phone estimate. You should make sure to have a complete inventory of your items. Make sure to include as much details as possible about the move. With vague information, your local movers may have a hard time giving an accurate quote. It is best to be prepared before you call.

Here is some additional information to have before you call your local movers.

  • Location of residences
  • Date of move
  • House and condo size
  • Inventory of items (be specific as possible)
  • Weight and dimensions of each item (for items such as table and couches)
  • The number of boxes
  • The estimated value of your items

Once you have given your information to the company, they will provide you with an estimated cost. You can then take this moving quote and compare it with a few local companies. You want to get at least two different quotes. This will help you get the best moving company for your needs.

Before you choose a company for your move, there are a few questions you need to ask. Moving is an important decision. You need to make sure that your belongings are in capable hands.

What Questions Should You Ask?

  • What is the size of the company? Will the company be able to handle the move? A proper moving company should have enough staff to complete your move. It is a personal preference if you want to hire local movers or a big national brand. The local company often relies on reputation to stay in business. They usually will take the time to carefully move your items. On the other hand, a larger company will have more resources and more experience with bigger moves. This is especially important if you are planning to relocate to another state.
  • Does the company have insurance? This is a vital step in deciding what moving company you want to choose. There are some moving companies that are not insured. This can be a nightmare if there is an accident and your belongings are lost. You should also verify that the company can legally do business in your state. The easiest way to find this information is to call the local Secretary of State office. They should be able to pull up license and regulation information on the company. For the insurance, you can also verify this through your local office. The moving company should carry both bodily-injury and property-damage (BIPD) insurance with a $750,000 minimum. They should have additional cargo insurance coverage as well.
  • Are there positive reviews? A good way to find the best moving company is through word of mouth. People love to give recommendations. You can ask for customer reviews from the moving company too. Every company has a rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You can check out the BBB’s website to see if there are any complaints against the company. Most movers have reviews available on their own website as well. There are independent websites available that list other customers’ reviews. Reviews can give you a good idea of how the company handles moves. It can also alert you if there have been any customer issues that you should know in advance.
  • How many years in the moving business? Long-standing businesses will have more experience. If you have a complicated move, you may want a moving company that can handle any potential issues. The older companies also know how to plan a potential move. They should know if there will be any unexpected costs that will have to be added to your moving cost calculation.
  • How much will everything cost? This is the final step to get an accurate moving cost calculation. The company should give an estimate of the cost. There are two types of moving costs. A typical estimate will be called a non-binding estimate. This is the local mover’s guess for the cost of the final bill. This can cause havoc for those trying to figure out their moving cost calculation. The non-binding estimate is the standard in the moving industry. If you want a more definitive moving quote, you should opt for a not-to-exceed quote. This will commit the moving company to a final price with no added costs.

Three Tips to Lower the Cost of Moving a House

  • Get everything packed and ready to move out: Time is important for a house move. You want to have everything packed and ready to go. If the movers have to help you pack your last minute dishes from the kitchen, it will cost you. The moving company is on a tight time schedule. They have planned out how many movers are needed for the move. If your belongings are not packed in time, it can cause a delay. Just remember that lost time means more money out of your pocket. Make sure everything is properly packed and labeled the night before the big move.
  • Winter moves are cheaper than in the summer: Summer may seem like the perfect time to move. The weather is good and the children are out of school. That could not be further from the truth when it concerns a move. Summer moving prices usually skyrocket that time of the year. This is due to the fact that there is more demand for movers. Everyone wants to move before the new school year. Winter moving prices are the lowest of the year.
  • Hire more movers to lower the time of the move: You may not think that hiring more movers will lower your bill. More helpers will mean less time to complete the job. That extra pair of hands can save time and money on your moving bill.

All these questions are essential to finding the best moving company for your needs. A moving quote is important to know what to expect from your budget. You can take the stress out of planning and keep your cost of moving a house down.

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