Moving to University or College

Top Tips When Moving to Attend University

When you are moving to go to college or university, it can seem like a huge process. Planning your move carefully is the best way to ensure you get your favorite things packed, moved, and ready to use before you start attending classes. The good news is that this type of moving often involves fewer items, so it can get done more quickly.

However, you may find the following tips useful to get things done quickly and easily so you can focus on everything else involved in your journey into higher education.

Talk to Any Roommates You Might Have

Whether you’re in a dorm, a suite, or an apartment off-campus, the space is often small. If you have roommates, it’s a good idea to determine who is bringing what to the space. You don’t need two microwaves or an extra sofa, so decide what you need to bring and what others are going to come with. In addition, emailing or texting your roommates can help you start a relationship with them, even if you have never met.

Be Aware of the Move-In Schedule

The weekend when move-in occurs is a busy time. Most students come back on campus and may have parents or friends with them. Depending on how large the college campus is, you may be spending a lot of time handling the necessities. Showing up as early as possible can be helpful since you may have less competition for elevators and hallways. This also ensures you have more time to get things done like picking up your student identification and scoping out the campus.

Start with a Solid Plan

If you’re going to be at school across the country or in another country, you may not be going back home on a regular basis. If you’re going to stay close to home, bringing housewares, clothes, and supplies will be easier. Consider your schedule and what items to pack based on that. If you live only an hour or so from the campus, you may not need to bring clothes for every season, as an example.

If you use storage containers rather than suitcases, you can use them to store belongings once your clothing and toiletries are put away in your new dorm or apartment. These containers can be used to hold school supplies or books to keep them contained so you can study in a neat space.

Choose Experienced Packers and Movers

The simplest option when moving for university or college is hiring professionals who can do the hard work for you. Small moves, college moves, and specialty moves all happen more efficiently when you have a professional moving company to help you out. Do your research and consider your options rather than just choosing the first moving company you come across.

You can do this by asking friends and families for referrals, searching the Internet for reviews, and making a few phone calls to the companies that appeal to you. Get some quotes and go from there so you are ready to get started with all that studying you have ahead of you.

Moving to University or College

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