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Experience a smooth, safe, and fast move to Miami from Toronto with Metropolitan Movers. We are proud to be a top-rated Toronto-based moving company in Canada offering long-distance moving services. We offer moving services in Toronto and Miami, and across the continent.

Moving From Toronto to Miami, Florida

Moving to Miami from Canada is a significant change and often requires extensive planning and paperwork. That’s where our professional Toronto to Miami movers come in handy.

Metropolitan Movers is proud to be a full-service moving company in North America, specializing in helping Canadians move from Toronto to Miami, Florida.

We’ll securely pack and transport your treasured belongings, so you can focus on your documentation and ensure your family arrives at your new home securely.

Trust our Toronto to Miami movers to help make your moving experience enjoyable and efficient from start to finish.

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Our Toronto to Miami Moving Process


Select your preferred date, time, and any details you may need, including boxes and padding.


Our Toronto to Miami movers will arrive on time to carefully and efficiently load your items.


We ensure a safe drive to Miami from Toronto and will carefully unload your belongings.


You don’t pay until you’re satisfied with our movers. That’s our guarantee.

Why Move From Toronto to Miami

Moving from Toronto to Miami, Florida, is a major transition that involves careful planning and extensive paperwork.

A professional Toronto to Miami moving company can help you alleviate some of the stress and planning by ensuring your belongings are transported safely to your new home.

Here’s what our Toronto to Miami movers will do on the day of your move.

We’ll arrive promptly and write down any special requests

If requested, we’ll package your belongings

We will disassemble and load your furniture onto our trucks

We will install floor and hallway protectors

We will carefully drive to your new location from Toronto to Miami, Florida

We will unload and assemble your furniture securely and efficiently

We will clean up all packing supplies and boxes so that you can enjoy your new space

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You Pay Only When You’re
Completely Satisfied

Once our professional Toronto to Miami movers have completed the trip and carefully moved your belongings, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection.

Trust Metropolitan Movers to ensure your belongings have been disassembled, transported, and re-assembled to your satisfaction, from Toronto to Florida and across North America.

Transparent pricing. Zero hidden fees.
That is the Metropolitan Movers’ promise!

Our Professional Toronto to Miami Moving Services

At Metropolitan Movers, we’re proud to be a full-service Toronto and Miami moving company for all of your North American moving needs. We offer a range of professional services designed to make any long-distance move seamless and enjoyable, from the moment we pack your belongings to the final inspection.

Our experienced Toronto to Miami movers genuinely care about our customers and their experience. We ensure all of your special requests are fulfilled without hesitation, so you can focus on your documentation and ensure you arrive at your destination safely and on time. We provide the support you need before, during, and after moving to Miami.

Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Our Toronto to Miami movers will ensure your long-distance move is seamless, from the first box we pack to the last piece of furniture assembled.

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Home Moving

Home Moving

Our professional movers ensure an efficient and safe home moving experience. We take care of the details so you can focus on enjoying your new home.

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Packing Services

Packing Services

We provide professional packing services for residential and corporate moves, from eco-friendly packaging supplies to careful furniture assembly.

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Local Moving

Furniture Removal

Our professional furniture removal services are designed to safely move your belongings to Miami from Toronto or wherever your move takes you.

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Piano Moving

Piano Moving

Moving a piano requires thorough and attentive piano movers with the experience and equipment needed to securely move your treasured instruments.

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We provide efficient storage solutions to keep your belongings secure. We offer storage units from Toronto to Florida and across North America.

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Office Moving

Office Moving

If you're office moving and moving to Miami from Canada, trust our skilled movers to securely transport your belongings across the border.

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Employee Relocation

Employee Relocation

Our employee relocation services are designed to alleviate the stress of an employee moving to Miami from Toronto. We pack and deliver your items for your convenience.

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94% of our clients feel confident to suggest our moving services to their friends and family.



We helped to relocate over 50,000 Canadian families and businesses to their new homes and offices.



What does experience mean to you? For us, it is reliability, trust, professionalism, and confidence in every move.

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    Don’t Trust Your Belongings to Careless Toronto to Miami Movers

    When it comes to moving from Canada to the United States, navigating the packing and paperwork can feel overwhelming.

    Our professional Toronto to Miami movers can help alleviate the stress of moving by offering a full-service, cross-border moving experience.

    At Metro Movers, we’ve successfully completed over 60,000 moves across North America. We’re committed to extraordinary customer service, transparent pricing, and providing trusted and experienced movers.

    We offer a range of flexible services and will ensure your belongings safely arrive at your new home.

    We’re proud to be a Toronto to Miami moving company with the experience and resources our customers can trust.

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    Get an Affordable and Smooth Move with Toronto to Miami Movers

    We make moving to Florida easier!

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    Whether you’re relocating your business or moving the family to the sunshine state, there are many reasons why moving to Miami from Toronto is an exciting and new adventure. Miami offers year-round sun and offers a vibrant economy, from the culinary industry to eclectic festivals and a range of lucrative business opportunities.

    No matter the reason, a professional long-distance moving company can help make the transition of moving to Miami smooth and efficient, so you can focus on enjoying everything Florida has to offer.

    Absolutely! Many Canadians are moving to Florida every year, whether they’re relocating for work or simply to enjoy the year-long sun with their families.

    The process of moving across the border can feel overwhelming if you’re organizing the entire move on your own. Our Toronto to Miami movers offer a range of professional moving services to help Canadians transition to their new homes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

    Moving to Miami from Canada involves careful planning and extensive paperwork since you’re crossing an international border. To help ease the transition, a licenced moving company can help take some of the weight off your shoulders.

    Metropolitan Movers provides professional long-distance movers and professional equipment for an efficient and transparent experience, so you can focus on filling out the appropriate paperwork and preparing for the exciting changes ahead. We make moving to Miami safe and straightforward.

    Before calling professional Toronto to Miami movers, you must have the proper paperwork and documentation. To move to the United States, you need a valid passport. If you’re relocating for work, you may need to fill out an ETA-750, which is a form that is submitted to your employer, while families may require an I-485.

    Once you’ve submitted the appropriate documents and received approvals, you can look for a Toronto to Miami moving company to help you transport your belongings across the border.

    If you’re moving to Miami, a professional moving company can help you organize, pack, and transport your belongings. Crossing the border and relocating your home or office can be stressful on your own. Professional movers have the experience and tools you help make the process of moving to Miami as smooth and efficient as possible.

    At Metropolitan Movers, our services begin the moment we arrive at your first location. We’ll securely pack and store your belongings and ensure they arrive in Florida in their original condition. We’ll unpack and assemble your furniture to your liking.

    With the help of professional movers in Miami, Toronto, and North America, you can focus your attention on ensuring you and your family arrive at your new destination safely.

    Metropolitan Movers offers a range of long-distance moving services across North America. We have the experience and resources you need to safely and efficiently move to Miami from Toronto.

    We offer flexible, reliable moving services to help our customers move from Canada to Miami with ease. Our experienced movers in Miami know how challenging it can be to move across the border and are committed to safeguarding your belongings from the minute we load them onto our truck to the final unboxing.

    We’ve helped thousands of customers moving to Miami or across North America transport their belongings to their new homes. We use the highest-quality materials and experienced movers in Miami for a seamless experience from start to finish.

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