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"This was the best moving experience I've ever had in 7 years in my entire life. They actually showed up early! The movers they sent were all very courteous, efficient, fast and reliable. They loaded dismantled, wrapped, taped, unloaded and cleaned at all three places in under 3.5 hours. I would recommend them to anyone for a residential move. Metropolitan Movers were fantastic and I never had problems moving with them! I can't say thank you enough for the move they've done. I am very lucky that I have contacted them and not anyone else. Thank you, thank you and a million thanks to you Metropolitan Movers Ottawa!"

Rosalie, Ottawa

"Fast! I didn't have much to move - I had packed a lot beforehand - but the move was completed in less than 3 hrs and I had anticipated at least 4. Having more than 2 movers makes a difference, I think. The team was very efficient, packed my stuff well and was very courteous. They even helped me arrange some furniture. The people in the main office were friendly and returned my initial call promptly. Everything runs smooth and my move was perfectly done. Thank you so much for the wonderful service. Without you Metropolitan Movers Ottawa I could not make it!"

Mason K, Ottawa

"The 4 movers arrived precisely on time, the head mover walked thru each room with me to survey the move. While 2 workers began to move what they could, the other two began wrapping and protecting my breakables. I was amazed at the speed and efficiency with which they operated. No idle time, no loafing at all. Very professional and courteous movers. What really impressed me was that this was a very hot day, with oppressive humidity, yet they completed the move in far less time than I had estimated. I was very, very pleased and impressed. I was charged fairly for materials such as boxes and tape. The day prior to the move, I was contacted by a rep to confirm the date, time and payment options. I definitely recommend Metropolitan Movers Ottawa!"

Doris S, Ottawa

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