Professional Packers and Movers: What You Can Expect When A Mover Packs Your Stuff

Professional Packers and Movers: What You Can Expect When A Mover Packs Your Stuff

Author: Valerie

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Packing and moving go together like bread and butter. But with all the hassle of relocating from one place to another, and potential costs associated with the move, it is easy to feel sandwiched between all the stress factors. And while paying for moving often seems like a no-brainer, many homeowners feel like paying for professional packing services is a waste of money, and think they can do it themselves. Surely, if you have a smaller apartment and subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle, you can probably pack and move with ease. But most households have a lot more items than people initially think, and it is easy to get overwhelmed once you start. Think about all the things in your kitchen cabinets, and how long it would take to sort and pack everything up. And that’s just one small space. Closets, attics, garages, or any other storage spaces can exponentially increase the time needed to pack, creating more stress, and taking you away from doing something else. That’s why more and more people today hire packers for their move: the additional cost is worth the saved time and headache.

Should you hire a professional packer?

So how do you decide if packing services are a good idea for your move? This will depend on three factors: how much stuff you have, how far you are moving, and how time-consuming your move is. If you are going a relatively short distance and moving just one room, maybe you can get away with some boxes and do the job yourself. The bigger and further your move is, the more likely it is that you should get packing assistance.

Consider how paying for the service compares to doing it yourself. The main benefits of hiring a moving company that packs for you is that they have the training and knowledge for proper packing, the manpower needed to pack quickly and efficiently, and the right tools to make sure nothing gets damaged during the move. Professional packers do it for a living and can often pack twice if not three times as fast as the homeowner. They often work in teams which speed up the packing even more and bring their own supplies which ensure you don’t run out of anything halfway through the process.

If the time and cost to go out and get packing supplies, organize, box and label everything seems excessive, you should probably resort to getting a packing service to help you with some or all of your packing. With a variety of services available today you can find a packer to pack up your whole house, a portion of the stuff, or just the specialty items. You really have a lot of flexibility when it comes to getting the right service for you. A lot of the companies also offer unpacking services to help you settle into your home quickly and without a hassle.

Packing And Moving Prices

Of course, for most homeowners, deciding whether to get a packer will depend on the cost of the service.

Is the cost of packing included in the moving price?

Most moving companies don’t include the cost of packing in the move. Some companies offer the “all-in-one” service, but usually packing services is an add-on that is optional with your moving service. Be careful of companies that offer “free” packing, the cost is usually just factored into the price of the move.

Packing costs are usually calculated based on the weight or time required to pack the dwelling.

On average, additional packing services can add between $400 and $1,000 to the final cost of your move.

This, of course, depends on the above factors and it is important that you get an in-home estimate where you can talk with an assessor about all the things you want packed. Don’t forget to show them everything you want packed, so there are no misunderstandings on the day of. Similarly, try to be present as much as you can when the packers are there so you can avoid any problems that may arise.

Packing Supply Costs

Whether you are packing yourself or using a trusted packing service, one essential need you’ll have are packing supplies. As we mentioned, most moving companies will provide the packing supplies needed, but this is often at an additional cost to the service. Even if you choose to pack yourself, you can always purchase supplies from the moving company ahead of time.

See how much supplies add to the cost of your move:

Office: books, files small 1.5 cube box 16*13*13 $3-6
Kitchen: glass, plates, etc. small 2 cube box 18*15*12 $3-7
Kitchen: pots, pans medium 3 cube 18*18*16 $4-8
Bedroom Items large 4 cube 18*18*21 $5-8
Bedroom Items/General extra large 5 cube 18*18*27 $6-10
Great for travelling the hung up contents of your closet. Shift from box back to closet in minutes and leave all the clothes on the hangers. wardrobe box (RENT) 21*24*45 $15-20
wardrobe box (SALE) 21*24*45 $25-35
Mattress covers are great for getting your mattress from one home to another without any of the dirt. mattress cover One size $11-20
Secure drawers or doors in your appliances. shrink wrap 12.6’*1,500ft $25-50
Blank paper that doesn’t leave any stains or residue. Perfect for packing fragile glass and china. wrapping paper 10lb $18-30
Great for wrapping fragile items or lining cardboard boxes. bubble wrap 1 meter $.50-1
Blankets can be used to cover large items to prevent damage, or laid out on the floor to avoid scratching blankets (SALE) 72*80 $25-35
Packing tape that can only be cut with scissors or a knife, to make sure your boxes don’t break Packing tape 1 roll $3-5

How To Pick A Trusted Home Packing And Moving Company

At a first glance, there seem to be hundreds if not thousands of local packers and movers. So how do you avoid picking a one? One of the biggest mistakes homeowners in Canada make is not taking the time to check out or do research on the prospective moving company. Here are some absolute must-haves for the companies you consider:

  • Make sure the company meets the criteria under the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers. The guidelines are the closest thing to an official document in Canada that governs how a moving business should operate.
  • Does the moving company belong to the Canadian Association of Movers? The association represents many top-rated moving companies. But keep in mind, membership in the CAM is not mandatory, and doesn’t necessary mean a company is good or bad.
  • Is the company registered with the provincial Workers Compensation Board? This is almost a standard for any trades or laborers in Canada today. Being in good standing with the WCB means the company’s employees are covered and protected while working at your home. Many shady moving companies will not go the length to register their business with the WCB.
  • Does the company offer Replacement Value Protection, and for how much? The RVP often adds to the cost of the move but offers much higher reimbursement on your personal belonging if something goes wrong during the move. Even if you don’t opt in for the Replacement Value Protection it’s a good sign if a company offers this option.
  • Are the company’s packers professionally trained? Anybody can be a packer, but it takes training and experience to maximize efficiency, which is why you’re hiring packers in the first place.

Long Distance Home Packers and Movers: What To Keep In Mind

Because long distance moving often has an added aspect of volume to consider when loading your belongings into trucks or containers, professional packers have an added benefit of packing efficiently and making sure your stuff fits into a truck or container like Tetris pieces.

Packing And Moving Insurance: How Is Your Stuff Protected?

In our blogs, we always talk about the necessity to protect your belongings while on the move. Normally in Canada, the moving company is not responsible for damages to any stuff that was packed by the homeowner. That is why we always encourage our homeowners to purchase additional Replacement Value Protection (RVP). When you hire professional packers to box your stuff, the additional replacement value protection is often included in the cost of the packers as now the company is responsible for the stuff you packed.

Packing for a big move can be a pain. That’s why depending on the amount of stuff you have, how much it weighs, and how far you’re moving, hiring a professional packing service can help alleviate some of the stress associated with the move, and save you lots of time to figure out other aspects of your relocation. As with everything, remember to do your research before you get quotes from different companies, and you should have no problem figuring out whether hiring a packer is worth the time and money for you.