Regina Franchise Opportunities

High return franchise opportunity in

The great city of Regina

Regina is famous for its great history and the large percentage of Aboriginal people living in the area nowadays. The original name of the city is Wascana (“Buffalo Bones” in Cree) which was renamed to Regina (Latin for “Queen”) in 1882 in honour of Queen Victoria. Today, Regina is a leading source of population growth across Canada.
It is projected that the population in Regina will grow exponentially. According to the Official Community Plan (OCP), Regina is expected to make great investments in developing infrastructure, preparing the City for the sharp growth in home construction and new residents. The changes can be seen today. Strong and steady growth in weekly earnings already attracts a high number of workers in the Saskatchewan area including Regina.

To the driven entrepreneurs in Regina searching for a low-risk and low-cost franchise opportunity, consider joining the Metropolitan Movers team as we expand to the very active and rapidly growing Saskatchewan’s capital market. With a population of more than 235,000 people, Regina is one of several Canadian cities identified by our company as a high-reward location and we are looking for the right franchise candidate to help us secure a place in this market.