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"Metropolitan Movers Scarborough movers arrived to our storage unit right on time. They had everything from a storage unit wrapped in blankets and in their truck within 2 hours. After the drive to our house all items were placed where we wanted and done in less than 2 hours. Total was 4 hours to move all items. Another plus was the fact that they had no problem removing their shoes while moving items in the house since it is brand new with fresh carpet and hardwood flooring. This is what you called moving! Thank you very much Metropolitan Movers Scarborough"

Logan, Scarborough

"The office staff was friendly and informative. The moving company sent four very hardworking and polite employees. They padded all the furniture and wrapped all the upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs, etc. with film to keep them clean. They pointed out prior damage. So far, we have not found any damage to our furniture or any scratch to walls. They carefully disassembled and reassembled desks and tables. The men were very pleasant and took direction very well. We got good value and they were very careful. I have moved a dozen times and this was the best move. We are very happy with our move. Metropolitan Movers Scarborough is the BEST!"

Charlotte, Scarborough

"My experience with Metropolitan Movers Scarborough was excellent. Everyone from the sales representative who answered the initial call to the moving guys was great. The movers were extremely efficient, polite and worked very fast .I am very pleased with the service I got from the company, I am so much happy with that. The entire move and reassembly at the new place took only 3 hours and that’s amazing. I would highly recommend them to the people who will move. Please add me on your referral list. I will hire you again on my next move. Thank you very much guys!"

Eric, Scarborough

Metropolitan Movers Scarborough

Metropolitan Movers Scarborough is a big city, which has a lot to offer, and we, at the Metropolitan Movers Scarborough has a lot of services to offer. We help you get to your desired destination easily enough. We are a local moving company that specifically focuses on the moving & storage services in Metropolitan Movers Scarborough area. Other that transporting your goods, we also make sure that you have been served with many other services.

We will help to pack your stuff, arrange them to the truck, and also offload them from the truck. We will also help you to arrange them in your new spaces as you request. Other that the services, we help you with the top tips of moving, and how to have a successful moving procedure.

We will handle all sorts of items, whether large or small, rigid or delicate, we will still assure you of a sure moving event. You will not need to worry about how your items would be transported, without them being tampered with. We have very large trucks that are able to contain your items, without them being demolished in any way.

We have among the best prices in the city, and they are marched to the top quality services that we have to offer.

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