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Specialty Hauling

Heavy hauls and specialty moving projects are not practiced in the day-to-day operation for most moving companies. A moving company can provide a great residential moving services and at the same time be inexperienced with heavy hauls.

Tips on choosing a heavy haul provider:

  • Special care items: Technical knowledge is required to move specialty items such as: Vending Machines, Safes, Boilers, Furnaces, ATMs, Arcade Machines, and Engines etc. Choosing the right vendor for the job will decrease the chance of damage to these high value items. Metropolitan Movers’ specialists are trained to handle all your heavy items.
  • Equipment: Moving special care items often require specific equipment that is tailored to the item in order to minimize damage. Metropolitan Movers’ services are complete with all the latest moving equipment: Stair Climbing Dollies, Piano Dollies, Appliance Trucks, Two Part Dollies, Lifts, Pump Trucks and many more.
  • Stairs: Some heavy items need to be hauled up/down the stairs or on/off a van. Improper use of equipment or technique can cause damage, injury or even death. Make sure to put your equipment in the right hands.

Our experienced movers will offer you the most efficient solutions for your project. Our equipment, skill, and experienced man-power will guarantee the safety of your items.

Call our experts to learn more about how to do it right.

We Offer:

  • Professional Crew
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  • I highly recommend them!

    The movers were extremely nice and helped me with my very first move with a company. My apartment complex was paving in front of my building causing the movers to have to walk 4 times as far. I never once heard them complain. I highly recommend them!
    - Watson, Vancouver
  • I never thought you do such a great job

    I never thought you do such a great job for an 2 hour notice move, you exceeded my expectations (which is not so easy to do J). Thanks.
    - Jerry, Etobicoke
  • I sent you at least 10 clients all are very satisfied!

    This is the third time Im using your services and I sent you at least 10 clients all are very satisfied! But how about some kind of referral fee for me, I need to move my office soon as well.
    - Harbindar, Brampton
  • Your customer service is great

    Hey Erik, Im glad we finally working with your company on a weekly basis, your customer service is great, you always put the customer in front of everything and always be fair.
    - Robert, J.R. Distribution solutions, Mississauga


Interviewer: OK, so how was your moving day with Metropolitan Movers?

Client: Metropolitan Movers did an amazing job of moving us from point A to B. Uhm, we did it in flat 11 hours um, and including the moving of an amazing play structure. So, it was a spectacular, very professional service. We’d recommend you to anybody, any of our friends. Thank you very much.
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