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"You guys are really fantastic as you perform your job. I am very happy with the result of the move because you are really terrific and responsible. You did your job so smooth and no damages to our electronics materials. In fact, my boss was really amazed of your output on your job for our office move. Your movers are all well trained and well organized and even with less supervision, they know what to do. Actually we are planning to move again one of our branches and I'm making a recommendation to make you as our official moving company because of your great service. We tried you already of what you've got and you made us happy of your moving service. Job well done guys and we are extending our great thanks to all of you in behalf of our manager and the rest of the team. Hoping we will make business with you again. Two Thumbs up Metropolitan Movers St. Catharines!"

Fritz, St. Catharines

"My move yesterday was very successful with you guys. I am very thankful to you all because of the great job that you gave to me. In fact, the service fee is not expensive but your service is very professional and I am very happy about it. You were on time before the move and I was totally shock with you guys because you came to my house two days before the move and helped me to prepare my belongings to be ready to move on the next two days. Your service is awesome and you all are responsible careful and approachable. You make me really happy of your job and as I inspect my things after the move, all are well arrange in my new home and no damages at all. I will recommend you guys surely to my friends and family. Thank you Metropolitan Movers St. Catharines. "

Nancy, St. Catharines

"I made this as a thank you to the movers who helped me on my move last Monday. I did not get your name but I am very thankful that you were my movers. You all are very professional on your job and responsible. I know there are many sensitive items to be moved to my new office but you did a great job. All my items were safe after the move and you helped me to arrange my things on my new office. I can see how you take care of my things during the move and you handled it very careful. You did a solid and fine job! You are really credible and reliable. Surely, I will introduce your company Metropolitan Movers St. Catharines to my fellow workers who need a credible moving company for their move."

Joey, St. Catherines

Metropolitan Movers St. Catharines

Before the moving day comes, you need to think about what stuff you will move, prepare your budget and decide whether the move will be local or long distance. There are a lot to consider in sorting what things to bring and what will be left behind on the move. Getting the best moving& storage service also plays a crucial role. It is never easy finding a good moving company whom you can entrust your personal property. But once you get the best, all you have to do is sit back and relax. This is what Metropolitan Movers St. Catherine do for you.

Metropolitan Movers St. Catherine is one of the most reliable, efficient and hospitable moving company you'll ever meet. We are reliable because we are a fully licensed and insured company. This takes the worry off your mind just in case something goes wrong in the move (which is unlikely). Our movers also deliver efficient service during the move. First, all of our movers are professional, passed strict back ground checks and drug tests. Second, they are all well-trained and skillful in moving. Dealing with your piano, large appliances and other heavy things will not be a problem. Likewise, moving your precious and fragile items such as Chinas, portraits and art works are handled with extra care. And of course are movers are well-mannered, honest and kind. Metropolitan Movers St. Catherine is also the most hospitable moving company there is. You can call us up anytime for free quote. Our customer service staff is also available to answer questions and ease your doubts. Lastly, our movers are always ready to lend a hand like arranging your furniture for you or do some minor carpentry jobs after the move.

If you're a person who wants best value for your moving budget, Metropolitan Movers St. Catherine is your ultimate choice.

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