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Uxbridge, Ontario, is nestled on the northern slope of the Oak Ridges Moraine, less than an hour from Toronto. The city’s charming atmosphere and friendly local energy have enticed thousands of residents to call it their home in the past several years.

Metropolitan Movers is a full-service moving company in Uxbridge who can help you execute a safe and efficient move. In our over ten years of industry experience, we’ve developed relationships with customers across Canada and continue to deliver quality solutions at fair and competitive prices.

Metropolitan Movers In Uxbridge

When it comes to choosing moving companies in Uxbridge, you want to look for a team of Canadian movers that you can trust. Metropolitan Movers has been providing premier services and solutions in Uxbridge and across Canada for over 10 years.

We’re committed to creating safe and efficient moves all over the Uxbridge area. Whether you’re relocating to or from a house, apartment, or office, we’ve got you covered.

Our professional movers in Uxbridge have the equipment and experience to help streamline your packing, moving, and storage processes so you can focus on settling into your new home or office. You can leave every detail of your move to us. Our team of movers will always handle your belongings with care.

About Metropolitan Movers in Uxbridge

You deserve an Uxbridge moving company that delivers a high level of care and security to each service it offers, from packing fragile belongings to storing your seasonal furniture. Customers across Southern Ontario and Canada trust our Uxbridge movers to provide quality services to ease the stress of relocating.


Our Uxbridge movers can handle any situation, regardless of the location. We have completed more than 50,000 moves across Canada.


Our movers will arrive at your home or office with floor protection, bubble wrap, and more to pack and transport your items and prevent damage to your belongings.


We provide moving solutions that can be adapted to fit any circumstance. Customers trust our experienced Uxbridge moving company to provide reliable and cost-effective services.

Storage Services

Why Metropolitan Movers

One-Stop-Shop For All Your Uxbridge Moving Needs

From simple to complex moves, there’s nothing our Uxbridge movers can’t do. We provide the expertise, equipment and peace of mind you need to enjoy your move.

As a full-service moving company, you can have peace of mind knowing that our services begin the moment we arrive at your doorstep. We’ve perfected our process over the years and guarantee a smooth transition from start to finish. No matter the size and distance of your move, our professional Uxbridge moving company is up to the task.

Our Moving Process

Step 1

Choose your preferred date and time and select any of our add-on amenities for a uniquely customized experience.

Step 2

Our Uxbridge movers will arrive at the designated location and begin packing, loading, and delivering your belongings as required.

Step 3

We’ll arrive on time, carefully unloading your boxes, assemble any furniture necessary and lay floor mats and protective features.

Step 4

Once our Uxbridge movers have completed each service, share your experience with our company online.



Uxbridge Moving Tips

Moving can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. Although our Uxbridge movers are here to take care of every detail, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier.

Uxbridge Moving Tips

Sort Items by Category

Sort all of your clothing, books, accessories, and other items before calling an Uxbridge moving company. By sorting everything before move-in day, you’ll know what’s worth keeping and how to pack those items.

Set Aside Unwanted Items

If you have clothing, old sports equipment, furniture, or items you don’t use anymore, there are numerous options to consider, from donating to utilizing storage solutions from trusted Uxbridge moving companies.

Select Your Moving Day

Once you’ve taken the preliminary steps, it’s time to choose your preferred move-in day. The busiest time to move is on the weekend, so Uxbridge movers recommend skipping the weekend chaos and scheduling your move during the week if you have a flexible schedule.

Moving to Uxbridge

Uxbridge has something to offer for every age group, lifestyle, and budget. Located in a beautiful valley northeast of Toronto, this city’s quaint charm and robust economy have drawn in residents from all over Canada.

While you’re choosing your next home or office, let us take care of your moving needs, including packing, unpacking, loading, moving, and storing. Whether you’re moving to a different apartment or office space, our Uxbridge movers are here to make the process as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Uxbridge Moving Services

Home Moving

Leaving the familiarity of your current home can feel overwhelming, especially when you add the stress of packing and relocating. Our Uxbridge movers are here to help ease your worries. We provide home moving services in Uxbridge designed to make your experience effortless. Simply provide the size and date of your move, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Local Moving

Our movers provide convenient and secure local moving services at prices you can trust. With our competitive moving rates, everyone can afford our Uxbridge moving company.

Long-Distance Moving

With the help of our experienced Uxbridge movers and our long-distance moving solutions, you can move across the country or across the Canadian border, and we ensure all of your items are safe and protected.

Office Moving

At Metropolitan Movers, we set ourselves apart from other Uxbridge moving companies because we understand your moving needs better than anyone. We’re dedicated to every aspect of moving an office, from packing and planning to furniture installation.

We provide professional office moving services in Uxbridge for efficient packing and minimal disruption to your routine during your move. Whatever your needs, we can make a customized plan and complete the relocation process without a hitch.

Business Moving

If you’re considering moving your business, you need a moving company in Uxbridge that you can trust. We’ve helped thousands of customers and business professionals relocate their companies without losing their productivity or sales.


Packing can take up precious time and effort that could be better spent with loved ones or on the important details of your move. We offer professional packing services in Uxbridge that can be tailored to your needs at fair and competitive prices.


Our temperature-controlled storage units are available in various sizes for your convenience, whether you’re looking to store seasonal items or furniture that you’re unable to bring to your new space. Our Uxbridge movers will take care of the heavy lifting. Simply tell us when you’d like those items delivered, and we’ll handle the rest.

Why Choose Us?

Customer Referrals

As Uxbridge’s leading moving company, we boast a 94 percent customer referral rate.

Success Stories

We’ve helped over 50 thousand Canadians relocate thanks to our professional movers in Uxbridge and across the country.

Experience & Expertise

We’ve provided quality relocation solutions and experienced movers for over a decade at fair and competitive prices.

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Additional Moving Services

Furniture Installation

Furniture Installation

Our experienced movers use the latest technology to plan, adjust, and complete every service within your needs and budget, including our convenient furniture installation solutions. Our services include cubicle assembly, office furniture relocation and more. We’ll ensure everything is installed to your liking so that you can focus on the needs of your business or household. When you work with Metropolitan Movers, you can count on our professional Uxbridge movers who know how to safely move your furniture, ensuring every personal item is protected.

Why Choose Metropolitan Movers

Caring And Expert Movers

Movers That Care

Our Uxbridge movers carry out every service with the highest level of care and attention, so you can feel secure knowing your belongings are protected.

Trusted And Reliable

Reliable Solutions

We provide a range of efficient and reliable moving solutions for homeowners and businesses with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

50,000+ Successful Moves

Proven Success

We’ve helped thousands of Canadians relocate their treasured belongings with quality services and time-saving solutions.

94% Customer Referral Rate

High Recommendations

Our customers trust our Uxbridge movers with their important moves. That’s why our referral rate is over 90 percent.

Our Customer Stories

Thank you so much for your excellent service. We were so pleased with how professional and...

Fraser Olivia Previl

Fraser Olivia Previl

A very professional company, great staff. The movers that came did an awesome job! Highly recommend...

Yasmeen Hasan Pasha

Yasmeen Hasan Pasha

The movers were incredibly efficient and careful, making the entire experience a breeze. Would...

Jon Fearnside

Jon Fearnside

It was a last minute request that requires pickup and dropoff service within 3 hours of calling and...

Corly Man

Corly Man

Great service. We had so much stuff and took so long to do the move. I recommend them for...

Vahid Mashatan

Vahid Mashatan

The two gentlemen helping us move a couple of appliances were phenomenal. They really went above...

Michelle Strike

Michelle Strike

Excellent service and reasonable pricing!!! Response time to emails and questions was efficient and...

Montana Donaldson

Montana Donaldson

3 professional movers came in, did a great job. Didn’t complain or waste time. I highly recommend...

Erez Elias

Erez Elias

Finally a real falafel place that just does amazing falafel. Everything is super fresh and...

Danny Tartakovsky

Danny Tartakovsky

Very thankful to this Company! You have been doing an awesome job! Taking care of complete...

Stanislav Nikolsky

Stanislav Nikolsky

I had 2 amazing guys!!!! So professional and knowledgeable, very careful with my stuff, everything...

mihaela n.

mihaela n.

Incredible. The movers did not ALLOW us to even lift a finger. Everything was moved perfectly,...



Great company. The guys were on time, professional and very reliable. They moved my house and did...

Alex S.

Alex S.

I've finally moved! And I want to thank the guys at this company. Wanted to do it myself but it was...

Aidan S.

Aidan S.

The experience with Metropolitan Movers was awesome. Our appointment was confirmed as per request...

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