What can you do in advance to reduce the stress of a move?

What can you do in advance to reduce the stress of a move?

Author: Moving Waldo

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Changing to a new and unfamiliar environment can be very stressful in most cases, and it takes great mental courage to cope with the change. It can be both physically and mentally draining because it involves having to cope with the circumstances you aren’t familiar with. Most people like routine and familiarities, and once they are off their comfort zone, they can be destabilized. There are certain factors you cannot afford to ignore if you want to reduce the stress while moving. You should consider them and plan adequately ahead of time to cope better with the challenges that come with moving. Preparation can enable you to cope with stress and anxiety—the better for you and anyone that is involved if you can do things in advance. As hard as it might feel, you must be ready to embrace the challenges and try to focus on the positives to overcome the challenges. Here are the factors you need to consider to reduce the stress of moving.

Make your address change in advance

You might have relocated and wondered why all of a sudden, you don’t receive mails as much as you used to. It could be down to address change. It is important that you notify every organization and entity you do business with for your address change. You should make your address change for your home or your office at least one month before moving. When you relocate without doing your address changes, you stand higher chances of missing out on mail deliveries as your parcels would be sent to your former home. There are millions of parcels that do not reach their intended recipients annually as a result of not doing your address changes. One option you must consider is hiring the services of a free online moving concierge. Moving has the longest To-Do list, and you can easily be overwhelmed and forget important tasks. A Moving concierge helps you tackle lots of them in advance such as your address change, and also ensure you do not forget any organizations that need to be informed. This can go a long way in reducing the stress of moving for you and your family.

Start packing your clothes that are offseason

There are lots of items to be packed while moving; therefore, it would be better for you to start packing the items you do not frequently use in advance. Such items can include clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and lots of other items. Packing early can also enable you to discard the items you longer need, which greatly free up space for you. Furthermore, packing the items you do not need so much or are off-season early would also reduce the chances of errors and damage from the rush. The sooner you start packing the items that are off-seasons, the better your chances of reducing stress, especially if you’re relocating to a far distance. Load the packed items once your truck arrives, and finally, you should not underestimate the time your boxes will take to arrange.

Book your truck or moving company as soon as you know the date you are moving

The sooner you book your moving company, or a truck, the better for you, especially if you are moving in a period or season when there is a high demand. Early booking would afford you the opportunity to look at your options and make the right choice. It is important to book as soon as you have an official date so you can start organizing your move. Plus, booking in advance leaves you time to ask all the questions you might have to your mover and understand correctly the logistics of your move, particularly if it is a long distance move.

If you don’t book ahead of time, you would have less choice of movers, especially during high demand periods, when several fraudsters may try to offer you fake services.

Clean what you can

You must always aim to clean your existing home or office ahead of time before the moving out date. This can free some time for you to carry out other activities, and your schedule would not be clustered. The earlier you start cleaning what you can, the better for you. Cleaning takes up a lot of energy, and you cannot afford to clean the entire property on the day of your move. You should start cleaning walls, windows, inside and above cabinets and do the rest a few days before moving. Keep what needs to be cleaned often for the end, such as bathrooms or sinks. Endeavor not to clean your old home and new home the same day as that can be extremely tasking and lead to fatigue.

It is important to clean up your old home before leaving because some home contracts may require you to do so. Not doing it can put you at some financial loss, and you may also feel guilty for keeping your former home dirty.

Asks your friends for help

Everyone understands how daunting it is to move; therefore, your friends and family may opt to render some support if you ask. However, you should follow etiquette while asking friends and family members for support during your move. After all, dedicating their entire day to support you in moving is not a small task. So how do you ask for help?

Endeavor to ask them for support in advance to enable them to make adequate plans and adjust their schedule for you. Do let them know they would be rendering you a big favor/relief. Do not take it personally for those that say No. They could be tied up with other activities or not feeling healthy. Also, endeavor to schedule it on a weekend, when people usually have lesser activities to carry out. It is important never to be bossy and remember to provide refreshments during the activity.


It is important to be aware of the challenges faced when you are moving to a new apartment. You can take adequate measures to overcome the difficulties of moving only when you are aware of them. With a proper plan in place and carrying out your activities ahead of time, you can greatly mitigate some of the challenges encountered when moving into a new home. You should opt to book your moving truck ahead of time, clean what you can clean, park seasonal clothes and or items you do not use frequently, and also make an address change one month in advance.