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Other than receiving your mail at home, why is it important to inform your service providers and every organization that you have accounts with of your address change? Nowadays, most people don’t receive mail as much as we used to, but it is still important to do your address change.

Together, we’ll look at why it is important to do your address changes. There are five main reasons why you should do your address change.

  1. It is the law
    Yes, you are required by law to change your address. It can vary from province to province, but most of them will require you to always update your address at least for your drivers licence. The process can be different, but usually you will have to inform the motor vehicle licensing and registration departments. Some other agencies will require updated personal information as well, such as health care. It is important to take a look at the changes that are required by your provinces. It allows the government to keep accurate information, for example, for voting.Not changing your address could lead to issues with the identification process, but it can also be expensive. Indeed, in some provinces, you could receive a fine if your drivers licence is not updated. One more reason to do it!
  2. To verify your identity
    We quickly mentioned the verification of your identity, however, it is not only for the government. Indeed, one type of organizations that will want updated information are financial institutions, especially for credit cards. For example, when you shop online, your credit card company will compare the information provided when you paid, and the information on your file to make sure it is not fraud. If you forgot to inform your financial institution and try to order online with the wrong address, they can block your account until they are able to identify you.However, financial institutions are not the only one who will want to identify you, but insurance companies, telecommunication companies, and of course governmental agencies, etc.

    By keeping your address updated, you can avoid a lot of complications and waste of time.

  3. To make sure your all your payments go through
    We have already mentioned that companies will verify your identity when you try to make online purchases. Well, even if you were already subscribed to a service, such as Amazon or Netflix, at your next payment, even if it is automatic, your address has to match with your credit card address on record. This goes for every automatic payment you might have, such as your cell phone or your gym. As soon as you have informed your financial institution, it is important to inform organizations that you have subscriptions with to make sure you don’t run into any trouble.
  4. To receive your mail
    It is probably the most straightforward reason. Even if you don’t think you still receive mail, you probably do. Some documents cannot be sent by email and will be sent by post, for example, your drivers licence or your passport. You might also need to sign documents and not every document can be signed electronically. They’ll have to send you the documents, so you can sign it and send it back.Even if you don’t receive mail, you probably do more than you think and you wouldn’t want any information to end up in the hand of someone else. Plus, it is better for the environment. Indeed, mail that doesn’t end up to the right person creates even more waste. It is better to be safe and do your address change.
  5. Avoid dirty data
    This one might not be as obvious, but is important as well. What is dirty data? It happens when organizations, especially large one, do have the right information and their databases are inaccurate. For example, a field might be missing in a file, or data is duplicated. This can lead to inefficiency and loss of money, which at the end of the day, affects us all. By keeping your record updated, you make sure there are no dirty data, plus, it is easier and faster to locate your file when you try to contact them. Nobody likes to stay hours on the phone.

Changing your address is important, especially with governmental agencies and organizations that are essential, such as financial institutions or insurance companies. However, all of that can be quite overwhelming and long. Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to call every organization that you have an account with. There are online moving concierge services that can help you with your address change. They make sure you don’t forget anything, plus, you only need to fill one unified form. Those services are? available for everyone moving, plus it is free. Why not facilitate your address change and make sure all your records are updated.