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“I've had a great move with Metropolitan Movers Winnipeg last week. It was very professional from start until it finished. When I booked, the lady was graceful in telling me details about the rates and the service. They made sure it was crystal clear so that there were no problems when the transaction goes. Though technical problems won't be avoided easily, they made it up to me immediately and so does the move continued. The movers were on time and there is nothing more I can say but they work pretty well. Thanks guys, for the assistance and helping me out to move without any disappointment. I would definitely use your company again.”

“Everything was totally fine and easy. Me and my family just moved into our new apartment for good. So I called the movers to help us to pack and move all our stuff and as I called this moving company the representative answers my phone call promptly. She was so friendly and very nice to talk with. She gave me an assurance that they were the best movers to do the job for me. Last week they called me over the phone to confirm the move and they were very helpful to give reasonable quotations for the price which that was our deal. They are very careful of each detail as they packed all my things up. They have large truck to make sure that the time will not be wasted for the move and there will be no extra charges. I was totally impressed as they do the job because they work fast and everything looks fine with them. I am so thankful to Metropolitan Movers Winnipeg who helps me a lot on moving my stuff and they even help me to arrange my stuff in our new apartment.”

“I am recommending Metropolitan Movers Winnipeg to all of my friends and family and to anybody. I guarantee you that your move will be smooth, stress free and nothing to worry about. It is tested and proven that they have the moving services here in Winnipeg. They are the best moving company for me and you will never have the feeling of disappointment after you hire them to do he moved for you and that's what I've experience from them. Fast, friendly service and no damage. Just call them and they'll come in your place at your very convenience. They'll do everything for you to help you out for moving problems. Let me say thank you to all the staff and friendly men of this moving company you are obviously the best. God Bless.”

Metropolitan Movers Winnipeg

Moving can be quite stressful and demanding if you fail to take precautions it can become a nightmare. At one point you are bound to go through a series of moving from one Winnipeg home to another. Regardless of the budget you have set aside, hiring local moving & storage services is a better option as compared to moving on your own. This will be very economical in the long run. There are numerous moving companies in Winnipeg, so you have to be very careful when making your choice. Here are some important factors to consider when hiring Metropolitan Movers Winnipeg.

Quality of services

Similar to other forms of services, a reputable moving company should give you value for your money. Reliable, friendly and professional movers are highly recommended. A good company should answer your queries and clear all the doubts that you might have. You can establish the quality of service offered by a local mover by asking for referrals from relatives or friends who have hired these services in the past.


Before engaging the services of a mover, narrow down your overall search to 2-3 companies. This way it will be easier to perform a thorough background check on each company. This includes determining the legitimacy of the mover by checking with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, make sure the moving company you intend to hire is licensed and insured.

Be wary of local moving services which fail to conduct a home visit before the move. A representative from the moving company should visit your home to take stock of the items to be moved in order to make an estimate. Moreover, when making an express way move, a copy of a bill of landing must be presented to you together with an estimate, inventory and order of service.

Advance bookings

Book the services of Metropolitan Movers Winnipeg in advance. There are some months which are quite heavy; therefore you may be required to make advanced bookings prior to your moving date. This will allow you make adequate preparations awaiting your move out.

In conclusion, choosing Metropolitan Movers Winnipeg involves more than perusing through the yellow pages or searching online. To secure the best deal in the market, take your time to compare the rates and service-quality offered by each moving company.

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