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"Third time moving with Metropolitan Movers, EXCELLENT SERVICE as usual. See you soon guys!"

JP Powell, Woodbridge

"My move went exhilaratingly great with Metropolitan Movers. The guys were awesome, friendly but professional, they worked hard and was done with the job before lunch--an its a 2 bedroom move. They deserved to be highly recommended."

Matt Crimson, Woodbridge

I am glad that a colleague referred me to Metropolitan Movers for my residential move a few weeks ago. He was right when he told me that they are a very good company. They are legit, assists customers well, movers are on time, uniformed hard working and did not delay at any point. Keep it up"

Shayne Richardson, Woodbridge

"If you are smart, you will hire Metropolitan Movers to help you out. I did and was very happy with my decision. Their rates are good, the customer service was better than anyone else and the movers are the best!"

Rod Arke, Woodbridge

"The move I had with Metropolitan Movers went very well. Even the Pool Table and the Grand Piano were handled carefully and yet with no difficulty. I was suprised that they were able to finish moving my 5 bedroom home in one day. One factor was the lady who assisted me in booking was very thourough and gave sound advice on how to go about the move. This definitely show how experienced their entire crew is. A company worth recommeding."

Allen Popolovich, Woodbridge

Metropolitan Movers Woodbridge

Who are we?

We are Metropolitan Movers, a nation-wide moving company helping individuals, families and businesses move. We are passionate about our work, and our dedicated team of customer-service representatives and movers work very hard to make your moving experience exceptional. We are a large and experienced mover who has moved over 20,000 clients all over Canada and the U.S. We offer a wide scope of services, moving residential, office and commercial clients, and we have specialized teams to move such heavy and expensive items as pianos and pool tables. No matter how big your load is, or how far you need to take it, we will help you. We will make sure your moving experience is timely and convenient, and we will make every effort to make it affordable for you.

Why are we unique?

There is a number of things that makes Metropolitan Movers a unique provider of moving services. First of all, we are a large, nation-wide moving company present in thirty different locations around Canada. We are an organization with large scale and a wide scope of services. We have the capacity to help almost every type of customer, with any type of moving need, and deliver to any reasonable location in Canada and the U.S. We are unique due to our commitment to customer satisfaction. We may be a large company, but we try to customize our service to meet every customer’s needs. Finally, our scope and quality of services are only matched by our desire to make our services affordable. We want every customer to be happy, so it is important for us to stay within every customer’s budget. It is our commitment to customer satisfaction that won us the 2012 Consumer Choice award. Our results speak for themselves.

Opt for quality. Contact us!

By contacting us for your next move, you really are opting for quality. Our dedicated team of customer service specialists and our expert movers will provide you with a smooth, convenient and affordable experience. We will be there for you every step of the way, and we encourage you to take advantage of that. So contact us today, you won’t be disappointed!

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