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Canada to USA Cross-Border Movers

What is considered
a cross-border move?

A cross-border move, in the context of our services, pertains to the process of relocating individuals, families, or businesses between Canada and the United States or vice versa. It involves the intricate logistics of transporting possessions, residences, or commercial assets across the international border.

At our company, we are the experts in facilitating these cross-border moves as trusted cross-border movers, ensuring a smooth transition for our clients. Our comprehensive services encompass everything from planning and packing to customs clearance and delivery. We understand the unique challenges and requirements associated with international relocations and are equipped to handle them efficiently.

Cross-Border Movers


Careful Packing & Pre-Transportation

We understand the importance of a smooth move. Our expert team will arrive at your location to meticulously pack and secure all your belongings. Our priority is to ensure that everything is properly prepared for safe and damage-free transportation.


Loading and Preparation

Once your items are securely packed, our experienced crew will load them into our state-of-the-art moving truck, specially designed for long-distance moves. Every piece will be carefully placed and secured to prevent shifting during transit.


Documentation & Customs Clearance

Navigating the complexities of customs can be daunting. That's why our dedicated relocation coordinator will handle all customs-related paperwork and procedures. This ensures that your items smoothly pass through customs, keeping your move on schedule.


Receiving Cargo & Coordination

Your belongings are on their way to the new destination. We take pride in using the safest and most cost-effective transportation methods available. Upon arrival, we coordinate with you to schedule the final delivery to your new home, apartment, or office, providing you with peace of mind throughout the entire process.


Why Choose Our
Cross-Border Moving Company?

At Metropolitan Movers, we are your premier cross-border moving company, specializing in seamless relocations between Canada and the United States. What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to relocation.

Beyond the core service of cross-border moving, we offer expert packing solutions, secure storage options, and invaluable assistance with customs documentation. When you choose our cross-border movers, you’re not just getting a moving service; you’re gaining a trusted partner committed to making your international move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Discover the Metropolitan Movers difference today.

cross-border moving company

You Pay Only When You’re
Completely Satisfied

Once your trip has been completed, our cross-border movers will perform a detailed inspection, ensuring your belongings are safe and damage-free.

From Canada to the USA and across North America, our cross-border moving services are designed to help you navigate this lifestyle change with ease.

Metropolitan Movers is proud to offer transparent pricing and zero fees. That’s our promise to you!

Our Cross-Border Moving Services in Canada

Metropolitan Movers is proud to be one of the leading cross-border moving companies in Toronto and North America. For over 10 years, we’ve offered a wide range of customized moving services to help our customers ease the transition and embrace their next steps.

Our experienced cross-border movers will pack and store your belongings with care and attention and ensure they arrive at their final destination in their original condition.

We’re committed to exceptional customer service and efficient cross-border moving solutions in Canada and North America.

Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Our long-distance moving solutions are a one-stop-shop for all of your international moving needs. Our fair pricing and qualified movers will help you make a smooth transition.

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Home Moving

Home Moving

We provide custom home moving services and amenities to ensure your belongings are safely relocated to your new home so that you can feel settled sooner.

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Packing Services

Packing Services

Let us take over the responsibility of packing your belongings. Our professional packing services are designed for your convenience and peace of mind.

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Local Moving

Furniture Removal

With our professional furniture removal services, we'll discard your old home or office items quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on your international move.

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Piano Moving

Piano Moving

Moving a piano across the border requires attentive and experienced piano movers to ensure your treasured instrument arrives safely to your new home.

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When certain items don’t fit in your new space, trust our international movers to provide convenient storage solutions for your convenience and security.

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Business Moving

Office Moving

Let our international moving company make your office move seamless, with our range of professional services and amenities to suit your needs and budget.

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Local Moving

Employee Relocation

Our international employee relocation services take the weight of moving off your shoulders, so you can focus on settling into your new office space.

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    Cross-Border Moving Companies in Canada You Can Trust

    Moving across borders involves a significant amount of planning and paperwork, and the physical task of moving can take time away from those important details.

    You need an experienced cross-border moving company in Toronto with the resources and equipment to securely pack, store, and relocate your belongings.

    Metropolitan Movers is proud to be a top-rated cross-border moving company in North America, specializing in cross-border moves.

    We offer a spectrum of cross-border packing and moving services to help streamline the transition from country to country, so you can focus on enjoying this new chapter.

    cross-border moving company

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    Canada to US
    movers trusted nationwide

    Our common routes:

    moving to New York

    Moving to New York

    Metropolitan Movers provide CanadianMove to clients moving from New York City and Toronto. We understand how daunting an international move can be, so we’ve designed our full-service approach for you! Being a dependable company with years in business ,we handle every step of your cross border relocation including submitting necessary paperwork .

    moving to Miami

    Moving to Miami

    The prices for moving cross country are not only affordable but also reliable and guaranteed! With Metropoliytan Movers, you can count on a stress-free trip from Toronto to Miami or vice versa. We offer transportation of all sorts including furniture delivery across state lines at an unbeatable rate - call now before our next sale ends up in someone else's hands