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It was a pleasant experience with Metropolitan movers. They arrived on time, made very good use of the time. Ricky and his colleague were nice, cooperative and tesponsive. Highly recommended
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Imad Kayyali
We were very pleased with our recent move from Toronto to Oakville using Metropolitan movers. The movers were on time, and did a very neat and efficient job , moving the contents of a condo to a storage unit. We will plan ro use them again on our next move.
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Christina Zhu
The staffs from Metropolitan Movers are awesome. They were punctual, careful, talented, friendly and fast, true professionals! Relocated my new office in no time flat and nothing was damaged, fantastic job!
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Lucas Caimen

Moving from anywhere in Canada to USA with Metropolitan Movers

Moving across an international border involves more than just moving your belongings from one country to another. You’re adjusting to an entirely new lifestyle. International moving companies in Canada understand the details and nuances involved in a long-distance move and have the experience to streamline the entire experience.

Metropolitan Movers is proud to be a top-rated international moving company in Toronto with over a decade of experience and expertise under our belts. We’ve helped countless Canadians relocate their personal and professional belongings internationally with trained movers and an efficient moving process.

From our packing solutions to the size of storage units we offer, our services are customizable to suit every lifestyle and budget. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on the essential details of your international move.

Cross border moving

Moving to the US in 4 easy Steps


A dedicated coordinator will work with you to schedule date, time, and services required, ie. packing, bubble wrapping furniture.


The coordinator will be your point of contact throughout your move. They will send you a list of what paperwork is required and will be able to answer any questions you may have along the way.


On your scheduled move date, the movers will arrive and your shipment will be in transit immediately . During transportation, we will provide updates and will schedule your delivery at your convenience.


You will be notified 48 hours in advance of your delivery date. On that date, the movers will arrive to unload and unwrap your furniture and boxes. If packing services are required, the movers will unpack your boxes and remove the debris. new content for the steps

The Day of Your International Move

Moving across borders involves detailed planning to ensure a smooth transition. Let Metropolitan Movers help you take the next step.

Here’s what our international movers will do on the day of your move.

Arrive on time and record any special requests

Pack your belongings, as requested

Disassemble your furniture and load it onto our trucks

Install floor and wall protectors to safeguard your property

Carefully drive across the border with your belongings

Unload and assemble your furniture

Clean up all packing materials and settle into your new space

cross border movers

You Pay Only When You’re
Completely Satisfied

Once your trip has been completed, our international movers will complete a detailed inspection, ensuring your belongings are safe and damage-free.

From Toronto to Tuscan and across North America, our international moving services are designed to help you navigate this lifestyle change with ease.

Metropolitan Movers is proud to offer transparent pricing and zero fees. That’s our promise to you!

Our Cross-Border Moving Services in Canada

Metropolitan Movers is proud to be one of the leading international moving companies in Toronto and North America. For over 10 years, we’ve offered a wide range of customized moving services to help our customers ease the transition and embrace their next steps.

Our experienced international movers will pack and store your belongings with care and attention and ensure they arrive at their final destination in their original condition.

We’re committed to exceptional customer service and efficient international moving solutions in Canada and North America.

Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Our long-distance moving solutions are a one-stop-shop for all of your international moving needs. Our fair pricing and qualified movers will help you make a smooth transition.

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Home Moving

Home Moving

We provide custom home moving services and amenities to ensure your belongings are safely relocated to your new home so that you can feel settled sooner.

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Packing Services

Packing Services

Let us take over the responsibility of packing your belongings. Our professional packing services are designed for your convenience and peace of mind.

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Local Moving

Furniture Removal

With our professional furniture removal services, we'll discard your old home or office items quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on your international move.

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Piano Moving

Piano Moving

Moving a piano across the border requires attentive and experienced piano movers to ensure your treasured instrument arrives safely to your new home.

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When certain items don’t fit in your new space, trust our international movers to provide convenient storage solutions for your convenience and security.

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Business Moving

Office Moving

Let our international moving company make your office move seamless, with our range of professional services and amenities to suit your needs and budget.

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Local Moving

Employee Relocation

Our international employee relocation services take the weight of moving off your shoulders, so you can focus on settling into your new office space.

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Frequently Asked
Questions About International Moving Services

International moving services are offered by professional moving companies and are designed to help you relocate your home or office across an international border. These services often include packing your belongings, storing excess items, and assembling furniture in your new space.

An experienced international mover will carry out these services with professional equipment to ensure your belongings are protected from start to finish.

The time it will take to move abroad ultimately depends on the number of items that must be packed and relocated, as well as the size of your party. The larger your family, the more paperwork and packing involved.

International moving companies in Toronto can help streamline the process by taking the time-consuming task of packing and moving your belongings off your hands. By using these convenient services, you can settle into your new space much sooner.

Moving is a time-consuming process that involves careful planning and plenty of paperwork. Hiring an international moving company like Metropolitan Movers takes that tedious process and turns it into an efficient and effortless experience.

We provide a spectrum of customizable services to suit every need and budget. If you’re unable to pack your belongings, we’ll pack them for you. Don’t have the space in your new home for certain items? We’ll store them in one of our storage facilities.

At Metropolitan Movers, we offer various specialized moving services and solutions to help you bring your belongings over the border with ease.

We’ll send our experienced international movers to your home or office to carefully pack and load your items onto our trucks, where we’ll safely deliver them to your new space. We’ll provide wall and floor coverings to ensure there is no damage while we’re unloading your boxes. Plus, we’ll assemble your furniture at your request so that you can feel settled sooner.

When it comes to looking for the best international moving company in Canada, look for a company with a high customer referral rate and plenty of experience moving internationally.

Metropolitan Movers has provided quality local, long-distance, and international moving services for over a decade. We’ve earned high praise from our valued customers for our commitment to professional and affordable moving and packing solutions.

Why Choose Us


Highly-Rated Customer Referrals

Over 90 percent of our customers would recommend our international moving company in Toronto and North America.


Successful Cross-Border Moves

We’ve helped countless Canadians move across borders safely with trusted moving solutions.


Experienced International Movers

Our team has been providing quality international moving solutions for years with continued success.

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    International Moving Companies in Canada You Can Trust

    Moving across borders involves a significant amount of planning and paperwork, and the physical task of moving can take time away from those important details.

    You need an experienced international moving company in Toronto with the resources and equipment to securely pack, store, and relocate your belongings.

    Metropolitan Movers is proud to be a top-rated moving company in North America, specializing in cross-border moves.

    We offer a spectrum of international packing and moving services to help streamline the transition from country to country, so you can focus on enjoying this new chapter.

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    Get an Affordable and Smooth Cross-Border Moving Services

    we make moving to United States easier!

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    Our common routes:

    moving to New York

    Moving to New York

    Metropolitan Movers provide CanadianMove to clients moving from New York City and Toronto. We understand how daunting an international move can be, so we’ve designed our full-service approach for you! Being a dependable company with years in business ,we handle every step of your cross border relocation including submitting necessary paperwork .

    moving to Miami

    Moving to Miami

    The prices for moving cross country are not only affordable but also reliable and guaranteed! With Metropoliytan Movers, you can count on a stress-free trip from Toronto to Miami or vice versa. We offer transportation of all sorts including furniture delivery across state lines at an unbeatable rate - call now before our next sale ends up in someone else's hands

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