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There are many large, cumbersome objects that people dread moving. Pianos rank toward the top of that list.

Not only are they heavy and unwieldy, but they’re also delicate. The last thing you want to do is dent, ding, or scratch your prized upright or Grandma’s antique baby grand piano. More importantly, you want to avoid any kind of internal damage that might harm the instrument. And that’s not even to mention the potential injuries that inexperienced movers can sustain from their Herculean efforts.

Moving a piano requires the utmost care and a little understanding of the physics involved in maneuvering such a large object. Hiring a trustworthy moving company is the best way to approach the task, here are a few things why you want to leave it to the pros.

Piano Move With Expert Movers

  • Special Equipment
    Piano’s are hard to grip, heavy and fragile. You don’t want to lift a piano that can weight up to 1000lb with no special equipment. Expert piano movers Metropolitan Movers uses special equipment and proven moving techniques to ensure the safety of your beloved piano. No piano move can do without a special skid board with belts to fasten the piano and safely load it into the truck. Our trucks are equipped with lift gates and straps to secure the piano during transportation.
  • Careful Wrapping
    Piano is much more than just a musical instrument. For most of us, it’s memories and an integral part of the interior. We cannot let it get scratched or be dented! We provide moving blankets and stretch wrap to securely cover the shiny varnished surface and protect the fragile parts from unexpected bumps.
  • Expert Movers
    When moving a piano, every mistake can cost thousands of dollars and memories. To ensure that your valued piano is safe, each member of the Metropolitan Movers moving crew receives extensive training on special item handling, including piano relocation.
  • Teamwork
    Depending on the piano size, we assign the crew of two, three or sometimes four people to safely handle the piano. Coherent teamwork is the safest way to move the piano, especially when it’s an antique one, requiring extra attention and support.
  • Specialized moving trucks
    Truck loading is a special skill that can save you time, loading space and help you to avoid damage during transportation. We only use trucks with the liftgates when it comes to piano relocation. Once the piano is loaded, we use special straps to fix it and prevent any movement during transportation. That’s how we ensure that the items arrive safe and sound to their final destination.
  • Stress-Free Moving Experience
    Hiring an expert piano mover means you don’t need to worry about a thing. Everything will be planned and taken care for you, no matter if you are moving an upright piano or a grand piano, Metropolitan Movers has the expertise to move it all.


There are times when we require to store our items. Whilst most of the items are happy to survive a few days or even weeks in the regular storage facilities, old wooden pianos might be capricious to the humidity and temperature changes. We offer temperature-controlled and secure storage facilities for your valuable furniture and piano for short and long term needs. Our professional moving crew will select the storage size and load the content into the storage unit so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Moving piano within the house – manpower

There are times when our good old home needs to be refreshed. Whether you want to move your piano to the basement or maybe bring it a floor up, let us know. Our expert movers will arrive on-site with all the necessary equipment and help you relocate your possession.

Reconsider That Mover

Your piano is your memories and one of the most fragile items to move in the house. Whether you’re moving a whole houseful of items or just the piano, do not risk it! Invite a professional moving crew to do the heavy lifting for you. Save yourself some stress and leave it to our team of experienced piano movers, who know everything about efficient and safe piano moving. Our top priority is serving you right and treating your belongings with the care they deserve – just like you would, but with more experience under our belts.

Piano Movers

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