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Whether you’re packing up everything in your home, moving items from a room in your office, or looking to have heavy items moved, Metropolitan Movers has the skills to handle it. We offer home packing services, as well as services for businesses and offices.

With a wide variety of options and a competitive pricing scheme, you can be sure things will be done right according to your budget. You can get the moving materials and pack things on your own, hire us to do all the packing and unpacking or pick something in between. We believe in giving you options, so your move goes exactly as you planned.

Full Selection of Packing Services

When you work with Metropolitan Movers, you can choose the packing services you need rather than being pushed into a package with extras that may not be useful to you. We offer a few different options for your convenience:

Full Packing Service – With this service, we handle everything you need. We do the packing and the unpacking so you can use your time in other ways.

Partial Packing Service – With partial service, we can pack everything up for you, pack up items in a specific room, or pack up only large, bulky items. The decision is yours to make.

Fragile & Unique Packing Service – Those who have fragile items to pack can count on us to do it right. We also work with oddly shaped and unique items that might take more work to pack in the appropriate way to prevent damage.

Why Choose Our Packing Service?


Packing Materials


Packing Materials

Wide Assortment of Packing Materials

Our experienced team will show up to your home or business with all the needed packing supplies. All of the items we use are high-quality and capable of standing up to the moving process. We bring moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, and other containers that meet the needs of the things you need to be packed and unpacked.

If you want to pack on your own or are seeking a partial packing service, all of the needed packing supplies can be delivered straight to your door before the upcoming move. Making an order is as simple as one, two, three. All you need to do is call us or visit our Online Moving Store to purchase packing materials.

Have a need for extra packing materials? Need unique materials for oddly shaped items? Our Online Moving Store has everything you need. You can also call and speak to a member of staff to get what you need.

Eco-Friendly Packing


Caring about the environment is more important than ever, and we consider that with our home packing services. Instead of using our premium moving supplies, you have the option of renting eco-friendly bins. This is the best option for someone who wants to create as little waste as possible while moving.

These bins are fully reusable and prevent the need for using packing materials that might end up in the garbage. All of the eco-friendly containers are cleaned and inspected thoroughly before being delivered right to the door of your home or business. There’s no more natural way to be green and help protect the earth.

Why Choose Metropolitan Movers?

Wonder why you should choose Metropolitan Movers over the competitors?
We’ll give you seven different reasons:

We have over 10 years of experience and the expertise that comes with it.

All packing services include complimentary item protection.

Our team includes assembly and disassembly services for your convenience.

We provide all the professional packing materials you need to get the job done right.

All of our professional packing services are fast and efficient so that you can move on to other things.

Our services include packing and moving of fragile items that need special handling.

We’re also happy to pack and move odd items of unique shapes and sizes.

When you’re looking for professional home, business, or office packing that you can count on, Metropolitan Movers offers precisely that. We’d love to speak with you about how we can streamline your packing and moving needs. Get in touch with us today with any questions you have!

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