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Moving Supplies

Most moving companies offer “competitive prices” and “package deals” for the packing supplies necessary for your move. We take it a step further. As part of our packing services, we offer our boxes for practically the same price as your neighborhood Home Depot, sometimes lower, and you pay only for whatever is used to pack your belongings. No left-overs. Unless you are looking to buy some extra boxes.

Our packing supplies include:

  • Small, medium, and large boxes;
  • Stand-up wardrobe boxes;
  • Mattress covers;
  • Bubble wrap; and,
  • Wrapping paper.

Some moves, especially long distant ones, might require specialized boxes for TVs, chandeliers, or mirrors and pictures, all of which we will be pleased to provide, if required.

We also offer our clients a discount with FrogBox, an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. The details of the discount, and the effect of FrogBox on the moving process, will be agreed upon between your franchise manager and the client.

Price list:

Small box - 1.5 cube (Best for: Office- books, files)16.*13*13$3
Small box - 2 cube (Best for: Kitchen - glass, plates...)18*15*12$3.50
Medium box - 3 cube (Best for: Kitchen- pots, pans...)18*18*16$4
Large box - 4 cube18*18*21$5
Extra large box - 5 cube18*18*27$6
Wardrobe box RENT21*24*45$15
Wardrobe box SALE21*24*45$25
Mattress coverOne size$20
Shrink wrap12.6'*1,500ft$25
Wrapping paper10lb$18
Bubble wrap1 meter$0.50
Blankets SALE72*80$25
Packing tape1 roll$3


  • I highly recommend them!

    The movers were extremely nice and helped me with my very first move with a company. My apartment complex was paving in front of my building causing the movers to have to walk 4 times as far. I never once heard them complain. I highly recommend them!
    - Watson, Vancouver
  • I never thought you do such a great job

    I never thought you do such a great job for an 2 hour notice move, you exceeded my expectations (which is not so easy to do J). Thanks.
    - Jerry, Etobicoke
  • I sent you at least 10 clients all are very satisfied!

    This is the third time Im using your services and I sent you at least 10 clients all are very satisfied! But how about some kind of referral fee for me, I need to move my office soon as well.
    - Harbindar, Brampton
  • Your customer service is great

    Hey Erik, Im glad we finally working with your company on a weekly basis, your customer service is great, you always put the customer in front of everything and always be fair.
    - Robert, J.R. Distribution solutions, Mississauga


Interviewer: OK, so how was your moving day with Metropolitan Movers?

Client: Metropolitan Movers did an amazing job of moving us from point A to B. Uhm, we did it in flat 11 hours um, and including the moving of an amazing play structure. So, it was a spectacular, very professional service. We’d recommend you to anybody, any of our friends. Thank you very much.
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