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When you begin your packing process you may find yourself in need of quite a bit of packing supplies, but how do you know what you need? What do you buy? And how do you plan for it?
We got you covered, with many years in the moving and packing business we have drawn out exactly what you may need in one simple chart. Below you will find a chart of how many packing supplies you will need in accordance to your home or apartment size, so no more guessing or running a second trip to the store.

Should you require assistance with packing before your move, give us a call we will gladly provide you all the supplies you will need and professionally pack all your belongings so they are all ready to go on your moving day. Don’t forget that when booking our moving service, the crew will assemble and disassemble all your furniture, wrap the items in plastic wrap and blankets for extra protection of all your valuables.


Moving Supplies
Eco-Friendly Bin RentalMetropolitan Movers is proud to offer eco-friendly bins as a packing solution for large homes and offices. The bins are a great solution to store electronics and other personal items for each employee or family member. With easy delivery and pick up right from your doorstep it couldn’t be more convenient. Whether you would like to pack the bins yourself prior to your relocation or have us pack them for you. The bins are a great, reliable and eco-friendly solution to packing your content while keeping them safe during transport.

The bins are disinfected and properly cleaned prior to arrival so you do not have to worry about placing your valuables inside. Rather than purchasing cardboard boxes that could get bent, broken or be damaged by water, the bins eliminate those types of issues. Not only that the bins are plastic, sturdy and waterproof but they are a great eco-friendly choice. Most cardboard boxes get thrown out after the move, or never get sorted and clutter the new space. With the scheduled pick up of the bins, you are able to sort out all the content in a timely manner and proceed with a clean new space.

Your Moving Supplies Chart

Unit Size Description
Single Room
  • New carton/ Boxes (10 small, 12 medium and 8 large)
  • 2 wardrobe boxes and 1 TV box
  • 2 rolls of tape and 2 rolls of plastic wrap required
  • New Carton/ Boxes (12 small, 15 medium and 10 large)
  • 2 wardrobe boxes and 1 TV box
  • 2 rolls of tape and 2 rolls of plastic wrap required
1 Bedroom
  • New Carton/ Boxes (13 small, 12 medium and 12 large)
  • 2 wardrobe boxes and 1 TV box
  • 2 rolls of tape and 2 rolls of plastic wrap required
2 Bedroom
  • New Carton/ Boxes (14 small, 18 medium and 14 large)
  • 3 wardrobe boxes and 2 TV boxes
  • 4 rolls of tape and 3 rolls of plastic wrap required
3 Bedroom
  • New Carton/ Boxes ( 15 small, 24 medium and 18 large)
  • 4 Wardrobe boxes and 2 TV boxes
  • 4 rolls of tape and 4 rolls of plastic wrap required
4 Bedroom
  • New Carton/ Boxes (25 small, 35 medium and 25 large)
  • 8 wardrobe boxes and 3 TV boxes
  • 5 rolls of tape and 5 rolls of plastic wrap required
5 Bedroom
  • New Carton/ Boxes (30 small, 40 medium and 30 large)
  • 10 wardrobe boxes and 4 TV boxes
  • 6 rolls of tape and 6 rolls of plastic wrap required
6 Bedroom
  • New Carton/ Boxes (32 small, 42 medium and 32 large)
  • 12 wardrobe boxes and 5 TV boxes
  • 8 rolls of tape and 8 rolls of plastic wrap required



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