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"It is always a pleasant experience hiring Metropolitan Movers for our moves. They can handle residential and office move, effortlessly and quickly. Utmost care is given but time is well maximized. I know, cause I moved my house with them the first time and moved my office the next. Good people and excellent service both times!"

Damon O'Conner

"Their inexpensive rates are real, no hidden charges. Booking was easy and safe. Move was awesome, really stress-free..Over-all, AN EXCELLENT SERVICE, from start to finish. Will hire them again for my office move."

Courtney Russel

"The movers did a superb job during my move. Chris and his team from Metropolitan Movers were able to move everything quickly and in an organized manner. Even the huge coaches and other furniture did not ruffle their shirts. Definitely a work of experience and professional guys. Kuddos to team Metropolitan Movers. "

Mary Ann Robin

"I had the best experience with Metropolitan Movers. The guys were neat and in uniform when they arrived--on time, of course. They worked hard, did not idle and best of all did not overcharged. Definitely a keeper!"

Mohammad Sukwinder

"My move was an atypical one. I was worried that the move would cost me so much or perhaps would go haywire. I am just really thankful I hired Metropolitan Movers. Everything went smoothly, no mix-ups, no damages and best of all, no exhuberant fees! I am just so happy with their service. Surely, I will refer them anytime."

Crystal Virtuccio

Metropolitan Movers Pickering

Moving Pickering. Moving Canada. Moving you.

Who are we?

We are the Metropolitan Movers, we are an established moving company with locations throughout Canada. With a long history of nation-wide service and an exceptional track record of customer satisfaction, we are one of Canada’s best moving companies. Operating out of thirty locations in Canada, we have moved over 20,000 clients in hundreds of cities. We do residential, commercial and office moves, and we have specialized services, such as moving pianos and pool tables. We can help you move anywhere within Canada and the U.S., and will do so in the most affordable way. Regardless of what your moving needs are, we will strive to offer you the best moving experience.

Why us?

Metropolitan Movers is one of Canada’s largest and most professional moving companies. Unlike a two-man operation you find in a classified section, we have locations all over Canada, and offer specialized services such as piano and pool table moving. We are a proud recipient of the 2012 Consumer Choice Award, and are a vendor approved by the Canadian government. We offer exceptional customer service, an honest, reliable approach, and trained, highly-skilled movers. We are dedicated to providing you the best moving experience, and will do everything possible to leave you happy and satisfied. We have served over 20,000 clients in hundreds of cities around Canada and the United States. Our customer satisfaction rate is one of the highest in the industry, and we want you to become part of the growing family of our satisfied clients.

We are there for you.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you choose to do so over the phone, or online, you will be served by our committed team of customer service representatives. Regardless of when, where and how much, we are happy to do it for you. Metropolitan Movers are proud to serve Pickering, and are looking forward to leaving you happy and satisfied. Remember, we are there for you, so be sure to take advantage of that. We’re one click away!

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