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Are you planning to move and hire a moving company?

Have questions on how much it would cost you? Here is an easy way that breaks down our fees, but first let’s emphasize that there are no hidden fees, guaranteed. Here is how it works:1. We have a one-time flat rate truck fee or travel fee. This fee includes fuel and milage for the truck from Point A to point B

Storage Services

Hourly rate, one fee for all the movers. We have a 3-hour minimum for every job, whether you need us for 1 hour or more we will be there for as long as you need us. The hourly rate will include, wrapping the furniture in blankets and shrink wrap and disassembling and assembling all large furniture, we will bring all the necessary tools.

Our hourly rate is calculated by 30-minute intervals and the time will only begin when movers arrive at your door, we do not charge from the yard. The time will stop when the movers unload all the content from the truck and the contract is signed.

Extra fees may be subject to special item handling such as:

  • Pool table
  • Piano
  • Large Appliances
  • Gym Equipment
  • Odd items heavier than 200lbs
  • Stair fee in buildings only (If the elevator is not available)

Please ensure to mention any odd, heavy or large items included in your move during the quote process. This way we can properly price the move and assign the appropriate number of movers and have our truck equipped with all the necessary tools, whether it is a lift gate, pump truck or extra dollies.

Our sales agents can easily provide you with a quote over the phone or e-mail. However, if you are moving over 3 bedrooms worth of items or an office space that requires after-hours service we recommend an onsite estimate, that will be scheduled with our professional team in accordance with your schedule availability.

Depending on your location we do not request any deposit prior to the move. However, when you agree to all fees and the scheduled date we will request your credit card information for reservation purposes only. Your card will not be charged prior to the move completion.

Storage Services
Storage Services

Planning on moving your office space with a specific budget?

We have completed ample of office moves and are equipped to handle it all, after completing an onsite estimate in most cases we are able to provide you with a flat rate that will cover the whole project. However, if you prefer an hourly option here is how it works:

The pricing breakdown is a one time truck or arrival fee from the first office to the new one. Hourly rate will be calculated as one fee for all movers per hour with a 3-hour minimum. Please ensure to mention if your office space does not have elevators and the use of stairs is necessary, this would be an additional fee. Also, some large, odd items may be subject to additional handling fee items such as filing cabinets, safes and or copy machines. Whatever your business needs, we will take care of it for you.

Should your office require assistance in packing we will price it per hour and a one-time arrival fee. We also provide you plastic bins a week before the move and pick them up a week after if you prefer to pack yourself. Debris and junk removal are available from as small as one chair to a full office building.

At the end of the move, you will be prompted to sign the contract and pay via credit card or cash. Your move is now complete. Contact Metropolitan Movers today for your hassle-free, no hidden fee quote and let’s begin your moving journey together.

Pricing Questions

The price that is given during the quoting process includes travel fuel and mileage from point A to point B. The hourly rate includes the relocation process, where the movers will disassemble and assemble your furniture, wrap items in shrink wrap and blankets or provide a packing service where the supplies used will be an additional cost.

Truck fee includes the milage and fuel from point A to point B. Please note additional stops may be subject to additional fees

We do not require any deposit upfront. To secure a truck and a crew for your moving day we do require a credit card, but no charges will be processed this is only to secure the reservation.

We break our fees into 4 categories.
1 Truck fee. 2. Hourly rate 3. Special item handling 4. Storage/ Supplies
It is that simple, no hidden fees, everything is clearly outlined in a quote that you will receive to your email prior to booking.

Yes, we have a 3 hour minimum in most territories. Please confirm this with your local agent

Hourly rate starts when the movers arrive at your door and begin the loading process, time finished when all the items have been unloaded into the new location. You will inspect the truck to ensure that no items were left behind, sign a contract and you are now all moved in.

Rescheduling and canceling a move 7 days prior to the scheduled date is absolutely free!
If you are canceling a move last minute, we do request you to pay a cancellation fee that is equivalent to a truck fee and up to $200. However, if you are rescheduling this to a different date we will use these funds towards your next moving date valid up to 6 months.

Our movers will ensure to wrap all your content in moving blankets and shrink wrap. We will also use floor runners to protect your floors during the moving process

Each move is unique, please take in account to move a condo and a house is a very different process, things like, a number of movers, elevators, appliances, pianos and other odd items may take longer and require special rates and handling. Through years of experience and after completing 50,000 moves all across Canada here are is an average time for a move per bedroom done locally
1 bedroom: 3 – 4 Hours
2 bedroom: 4- 6 Hours
3 bedroom: 6 – 8 Hours
4 Bedroom: 7 – 9 Hours

We accept credit card or cash when the move is completed.

All our movers and trucks are insured and covered. We provide standard industry insurance coverage for belonging while in our care, as well as an option to purchase additional insurance to protect your valuable content.



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